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    New Bronco

    I've only read a single article so far that just laid out all the basics from the same press release every other article is regurgitating, but I believe they figured out the key to the Jeep magic by letting enthusiasts do the design work and actually executing. The key piece of evidence to my...
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    Colorado/Canyon Duramax Diesel DEAD in 2023

    I'm not sure it'll even make it that long. They've already sold the Rayong facility, and I imagine production will stop some time this year if it hasn't already. 2020 will likely be the last model year to come with a diesel from the factory.
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    Let's Talk Backseats- the main 3

    It lives behind the passenger seat. I'm short @5'6". The seat is still very usable, but not something you'd probably want to endure a road trip in. It's a lot like the rear seat would be in a 2+2 setting with a short driver; doesn't require amputation, but still not the most comfortable for long...
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    Let's Talk Backseats- the main 3

    I have a rear facing seat in my Colorado. Works fine. We also have one in my wife's JKU (should be reasonably comparable to the Gladiator), but it's not gotten much exercise since it was installed.
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    OK4WD Black Buffalo 🐃 (2019 ZR2 Bison Build Thread)

    Looks like it'll be inspirational and aspirational.
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison.

    And here's the latest addition! As you can see, we get a lot of snow up here. I've had trucks without toppers, but it's pretty much mandatory for the way I like to use them. Since I bought this one new to go with my truck, I got to spec it exactly how I wanted! I did the obligatory internet...
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    Canyon/Colorado auxiliary 4x4 Indicator?

    I did't realize this was an issue. I come from even older trucks that didn't have lights except generator and oil pressure. If you put it in 4wd, you did so intentionally, and it was hard to forget having done so. I tend to drop mine in/out of various transfer case modes as needed, and rarely...
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison. I have one of these mounted to the gallows stand. It operates on a timer and temperature sensor with a little smarts to power a relay. I have it set to be ready to crank by 8AM (so it turns on however many hours ahead of time it thinks it takes to get the engine...
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison.

    It's a tough one for sure, but my wife likes the soft top on her Jeep in the summer, and despite having bear proof door knobs, the canvas wouldn't keep a squirrel out. We used to take her Jeep on our road trips, and we're pretty good at following that particular rule. Gives us an excuse to get...
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    Let's Talk Backseats- the main 3

    CCSB Colorado. Sorry. Thought it was in my signature.
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    Halo-ier Bison Pretty much the full AEV catalog on top of the Bison package for $12K. Additional non-Bison package on top of ZR2 with a bunch of AEV kit. I guess GM saw Jeep selling 60-something thousand dollar Gladiators and...
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison.

    A while back, I installed some canvas seat covers on the rear bench. It was intended to protect the leather from my dog (who, unfortunately, died before ever getting to ride in the truck) and the baby. There will be no food in the car, but should the baby manage to get any vaguely food scented...
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    Let's Talk Backseats- the main 3

    I put some heavy duty nylon covers on mine, and the carseat base lives on the passenger side. The 60 side can fold up or down. Folded up, there's a plastic bin that doubles as the bottom support for the seat when it's down. Towing stuff and tools live there. The floor is not very flat with the...
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison.

    A combination of length, not wanting to scratch things up, and convenience/cleanliness.
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    2020 Colorado... in a canyon... in Colorado... Bison.

    (Continued after hitting the attachment max) The final element of making the block heater maximally usable was a controller (on the ground in the above photo). It's a Power Badger Engine Block Heater Controller. You tell it when you want the truck ready to start, give it a window of time after...