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  • Hello, My name is Elias . . I hail from northern California these days and was doing some research on dual battery systems. I read one of your posts on "expo portal" and noticed you have first hand knowledge of the Perfect Switch Dual rectifier isolator . . . Would you give me your opinion on this device since you appear to have real world use of this. How much did you pay, and how did you hook up your accessories (to main or aux battery) etc. . . Thank You for your time in advance . . .

    Elias :coffee:
    Hi Robert,
    Yes, of course I do remember you and Tricia! I have a 2009 Kimberley Kamper Sports RV model. The KK's are full size coil springs with full size shocks on indy swing arms. The only real way to lift would be going with larger tires which I did. The max size tire would be 33" (I'm running 255/85 16"); not sure about the older 2002 model that is listed for sale though.

    Give me a call if you want to talk about it in more detail; I'd be happy to assist anyway possible.


    Don't know if y ou remember me but we met up in Monache last year. I sold the Horizon (number of reasons not related tot he quality of Marios' product) and I am looking for another trailer that is more wife friendly. Tricia liked your trailer and there is now a Kimberly for sale on the board which I am interested in. What I am curious about is what model do you have and how did you get it lifted to match your rig? Thanx much...
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