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    Hauling A Motorcycle With A Truck Camper

    And then you end up stuck at 55mph if you live in Ca, or you have to find a place to store the trailer when it's not on the truck. There are some legit reasons to not wanting to have a trailer.
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    Truma? / what is a hard side camper like to drive? (cross winds, handling on highways)

    2000 F350 SRW long box carrying a Bigfoot 1500. We've noticed some issues, mostly a lot of rocking at off camber drainage swales and above 70mph being passed by large trucks we get pushed around a bit. We went hard side because we live where it's very humid and a soft side would rot and mildew...
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    Newbie Question: how much wind does your hard side truck camper catch?

    Thanks for the tips, front end is good having been inspected and repaired as needed, in my experience Fords vans and trucks have never had what some would call accurate steering, they have always had a typical level of lack of response and an indirect connection from steering wheel to steered...
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    Newbie Question: how much wind does your hard side truck camper catch?

    We have a bigfoot 1500 on a Ford F350, there's no AC on ours so it's just under 10' tall and about 21' long We've driven it all over the west. and we don't currently have a steering stabilizer on it. (the truck is 4X4 single rear wheel stock ride height) The truck has typical Ford steering, in...
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    Wide vs. Narrow tire size for Truck Campers

    We had those same as the OP tires on our 2000 F350 with a Bigfoot 1500. We noticed a slight bulging on the sidewall and less than 10,000 miles later we had sudden tread separation on one tire and the signs of it on another. While they were on the rig we didn't love or hate the tire, but the...
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    Opinions on truck/camper needed.

    We are a family of three that bought the truck when we were a family of two. We camped on the ground in a tent for years. Then we started casting around for options. We ended up buying a well cared for 16 year old truck and camper combo. For cheap. We can tow with it. It sleeps three easily and...
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    My rig; 2000 Powerstroke with a 2000 Lance 815

    Nice rig. How do you like that ARB bumper. I'm shopping bumpers for my 2000Ftree fiddy and this is one of the ones I am thinking about. Do you by chance have a good side shot showing approach angle clearance?
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    Truck Camper steps for a northern lite camper

    2000 Bigfoot 1500 with their stock stairs and they suck... The trick is getting the steps all squared up and stable. But out Imp she managed to learn how to use them with out much hassle. We cleaned our up and put nylon washers and nylock nuts to help make ours more stable. We also now just...
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    Who is going to the EXPO west??

    We went the last two years, had a blast but decided to spend the money camping.
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    What did you do to your hard-sided truck camper recently?

    Used Lap sealant on the roof penetrations. Especially the fridge vent. Next up is side wall sealing.
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    Thoughts on this truck setup on a lifted dually

    Me... I loath lifted dualies with bling wheels and short sidewall tires. But it's not my truck. I do know that not all lifts are created equal and if it is is the look, or function you are going for, pay close attention to the quality of the aftermarket suspension parts you are using for the...
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    Family camping in a TC

    As others have said, buy the biggest truck you can swing. Btw used truck fleet trucks is a great way to get a decent if bare bones big truck for reasonable money. Just double check the registration in your state and make sure your license class is ok if you get a 4500 or higher truck. 6 people...
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    Anyone Daily Drive Their Truck?

    I don't drive daily, I work from home and don't currently have a commute. But yea I'll frequently drive the truck. though not with the camper on,
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    Market for $80k complete truck and camper - mini earthroamer?

    Sportsmobiles are right in that $70-100K space. And have a decent sized market share to boot, there's no less than three of them within 2 miles of my house, and that's only the ones parked on the street. But in that price range you can get a very nice truck and slide in camper,
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    so basically... 3/4 ton/1 ton heavier camper

    If you plan on putting a lot of miles on in a year, then diesels start to make sense You give up a lot of money and a lot of payload for a diesel. and not just up-front money cost, maintenance is a lot higher as well. It's off-set by resale, but not by much. It is nice hauling the weight in...