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    2020 EarthCruiser?

    Just my guess, but even the smaller EarthRoamer likely needs the extra torque of the diesel. Though after I say that, I think of the 36' Winnebagos that are running the V10s. Not too fast, but they roll down the road at 70+ MPH. Haven't seen the specs on the new 7.3 gas engine, but it might be...
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    2020 EarthCruiser?

    Thanks for the information. I hope to visit them later this summer in OR. Anxious to see the final product. Seems like a perfect size vehicle for what the wife and I need.
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    Any more shows/conference this summer?

    Check out this page and see if any of these events works for you.
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    UJOR Build Thread

    Have you ever done one of the smaller Class A RVs like a Forest River FR3 or a Thor A.C.E? Just curious.
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    2017 Earth Cruiser FX - 9K miles

    I think they told me the FX required an oversized container due to the taller configuration. They also have to air down the EXP a little to squeeze it in to a regular container.
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    Looks like Fuso is throwing in the towel- at least on the FE

    The home page has been updated for the new 2020 version of the EarthCruiser. Looks pretty interesting. V8, Allison transmission, heavy duty locking axles, disc brakes, etc. EarthCruiser Home Page
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    I would still like to see something like this on a 4x4 E350 or E450 cutaway chassis with a 12' or even 14' camper box. Especially if you could incorporate swivel front seats into the interior space.
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    Rugged Off-Road Hitch Rack

    We have a Let's Go Aero cargo box that we run on the rear of our van or SUV. It holds two road bikes with the front wheels off and would likely hold two mountain bikes if you removed the handlebars also. Keeps them looking like new and has room for the front wheels, helmets, pump, etc. GearSpace 34
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    UJOR Build Thread

    This article says they will extend into the 2020's “Connectivity allows fleet customers to monitor driver behavior and fleet maintenance needs,” Hinrichs said. Ford will...
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    How long before we see a Earthromer for $150K?

    Back to the OP topic, I found a copy of the Earth Roamer brochure from 2004. Check out the list prices. Seems like they have easily exceeded the cost of living changes. Pricing EarthRoamer modifications run approximately $108,000 for a fully equipped XV-LT model and $103,000 for an XV-LS...
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    66mpg, 14" Ground Clearance, 3.2s 0-60mph, 1,800lb Payload, 826ft/lb torque, true 4x4, 66mpg.......

    FWIW, from the Tesla Model S manual. Maybe it works below that temp though. Temperature Range Do not expose Model S to ambient temperatures above 140° F (60° C) or below -22° F (-30° C) for more than 24 hours at a time.
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    This rig would be light enough to easily remove after taking the bikes off and also would have the 18" slide out to possibly access the spare tire.
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    Looks like a good option. We are currently using Let's Go Aero box. It holds 2 road bikes with the front wheels removed. It also slides out about 18" to allow access to the rear doors. In order to use it with mountain bikes, you would also need to remove the handle bars. It's pretty stable off...
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    Synthetic winch line question

    I have no idea what I am talking about, but can you almost double the pulling power by using a pulley in the middle and bringing the cable back to bumper hooks? Seems like that would also get more power by getting more cable off the spool.
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    EXD 350 - EarthCruiser on flat bed

    Apologies for the lame artwork, but I have been trying to figure out how to rack bikes on this rig and keep them clean. I think this rack Thule Thule T2 Pro XT 2 - 2" Rack might just fit between the lights and above the bumper lights to allow me to get a custom road cover made to keep the bikes...