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    GMT800 Suburban Differentials?

    Any Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon GMT800 with the factory tow package should have the G80 locker. I have an ‘03 Suburban LT with the tow package, 3.73’s and the G80 on 33’s. It cruises just fine around town and on the highway.
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    SAR Vehicle Photos

    Here is my personal SAR truck. You can follow my build here. Here is the volunteer county teams '02 Yukon. The county team also has retired Sprinter 2500 ambulance for a CP and an early 2001 F-250 to haul gear.
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Well, did about a 200 mile round trip yesterday. From 250 above sea level to 7000 feet and back down with four starts and stops along the way. So far no CEL. I’ll take it.
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Ok, so no breakdowns lately but now I'm throwing CEL codes. Three times with 3 different codes. P0101 - Mass or Volume Air Flow 'A' Circuit Range/Performance, P0443 - Evaporative Emission Control System Purge Control Valve Circuit Malfunction, and P0455 - Evaporative Emission Control System...
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    GMT800 Suburban - Rear Side Window Mount Locations

    When I built and installed my panels I dropped the headliner and bolted my mounting brackets right to the steel body frame around the roof. Put the headliner back in and then mount the panels. My panels are tucked back I closer to the glass than OrangeBox’s...
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Well, it has been a rough month for the SARburban. Back in January I replaced the Transfer Case, Transfer Case Shift Motor, and all the u-joints. I went the cheap route with the shift motor. I found one with good reviews and a decent price on Amazon. That was a mistake. I got maybe 400 miles...
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    storage for a 99-06 tahoe and cab of a 99-07 silverado

    I found these for a 2000-2006 Suburban. It doesn't look like they do Tahoe's but they might be willing to prototype some. I made my own before I stumbled onto Orange Box's website. I do not know anything about them other than what is on the website...
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Continuing with the auxiliary electrical system. As I mentioned main power comes off the aux battery to a 100amp relay that I tied to a switch in the dashboard. I close the switch, the relay closes and sends power to the Blue Sea Systems, 12 circuit, fuse block under the cup holders in the...
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    Suburban mild lift parts? (GMT800 '00-06)

    The RK80826 with offset bushings are the ones that will give you more adjustment to bring the alignment back in after lifting the front end. With my 3/2 Lift and Level I did not have to change the upper control arms. I still have the factory originals. The alignment technician did warn me that...
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Martinjmpr, I did add the second battery. I found the auxiliary battery tray and hold down parts in another truck at the wreckers while I was looking for a set of skid plates. The skid plates I pulled off a Z71 Tahoe. The Suburban already had all the bolt holes so it was easy to bolt the skid...
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    I looked at a lot of other builds trying to decide what I wanted to do with my rig and how far I wanted to take it. Suboverland was a big inspiration for the direction I took. I liked the look of their builds along with the function. Some of my future plans come straight from their designs and...
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    I read an post recently from another Suburban user questioning why it seemed like everyone's first impulse was to build/install a drawer system in their rigs. He was using totes (looked like the black and yellow ones from Costco) to organize his gear. He made some good points about the lose of...
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    Random dog shots

    Kaos and Saoirse enjoying the dry inside the truck.
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    Got the transfer case and u-joint replacement done and the truck back on the road. It survived it's test drive just fine. No weird noises, shimmy's or shakes. The new transfer case seems to be shifting just fine between all the modes. Now to crate up the core and get it back to The Gear Shop.
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    SubSar's "03 Suburban Build

    I looked at both Race Car Dynamics and BDS. I just did not want to go a high as a 6" and did not want to pay $2500+ for a 4" when I could get 3" for $600ish.