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    Instant tent or Normal Tent?

    Instant tents suck in high winds.
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    Price Drop on LifePO4 200ah Battery

    Does the bms on this battery stop charging if the temperature drops below 32 degrees?
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    FOR SALE: Off-Road Camp Setup: Waste Tank and Seat

    These are used regularly by river rafters. Try advertising it on mountainbuzz.
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    Econoline running boards SOLD

    Are you willing to ship at buyer's expense?
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    What's my van worth: 2001 E350 powerstroke 7.3, quigley, extended, high roof 151K miles

    I'm toying with the idea of selling my van and replacing it with an AWD 2020 ford transit. My van has served me well on trips from the arctic ocean to the guatemalan border, but I've only used 4 low once, and would like to trade off road ability for better street manners. Here's a quick...
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    Better front rotors for 2001 Quigley E350?

    resolution OP here: I took my van to advanced 4wd here in town, and determined that my quigley used a chevy one ton front axle from model years 85-91, and that no slotted aftermarket rotors are available.
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    Sorry, I had no idea that Ramsey passed away.
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    OP here: The post from Ramsey is interesting, but untrue. Even though I had contacted agile many, many times inquiring about the RIP kit (without response) I never received a copy of the response he says he sent out to "everyone". Steve
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    Better front rotors for 2001 Quigley E350?

    I've got an E350 with the stock Quigley 4wd conversion. Every time I let someone else drive it in the mountains they overuse the brake, and my front brake rotors get overheated and warped. Are there any aftermarket better quality rotors (maybe slotted?) that I can upgrade to in order to solve...
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    small and large solar systems for sale

    I have 3 solar systems for sale: 1) goal zero venture 30 solar kit. includes 7800 mAh recharger with dual USB ports and nomad 7 solar panel. Brand new in original box. $150 includes US shipping 2) Enerplex kickr IV folding solar panel recharger. Puts out 6 watts@5 volts (1.2 amps). Brand...
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    Thanks Chris! Thanks Chris!
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    stock quigley Yes, I've got a stock quigley E350.
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    Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

    After 6 months and dozens of phone calls and emails to Ramsey without a single response I've decided to give up on trying to get an agile RIP for my quigley van. I don't know if it's just horrible customer service or other problems, but the bottom line is that unless you've got the time to...
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    Ford 7.3 turbo diesel SCT tuner w/ 5-star tuning maps

    Is this for the van or pickup?
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    Finally Got Her

    Can you tell me how you got ahold of agile off road to get the RIP kit installed? I've been calling and emailing them for months and have never gotten through to a live human or gotten any response to my phone messages or emails.