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    Latest Photo?

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    Goal Zero Vs. Dual Battery Vs. Solo Group 31

    I have a 4Runner and run a fridge with a single Northstar Grp 31 AGM battery. I also rarely stay put in one place. I spent 30 days driving to Alaska and back last summer and no problems at all. When not on long trips, I will put a NOCO 7200 charger on the battery every 2-3 weeks. I carry a...
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    [YEAR 6!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    I love the references you made to the Beetles songs around Liverpool.
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    ROF's Canada & Alaska 2017

    I took my shotgun and they advised me it was a 60 day permit. I had to pay I believe $20 and submit paperwork with the firearm's identification information. I showed it each time I entered the US, or Canada, and it was never an issue. I just got back today.
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    ROF's Canada & Alaska 2017

    JUST got into Dawson City tonight and will spend tomorrow explorig it more. I need to get my *** out of the seat and onto the leather personnel carriers for some PT. Afterwards I will go to Eagle and then Chicken/TOK for adult beverages and some camping/exploring. I"m driving a gray 4Runner...
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    The Grand Expedition Colorado to Alaska to Baja...

    I am heading to Alaska beginning July 1, but only have 30 days. I'll keep an eye out for you. I'm driving a silver 4Runner with black James Barroud on top, CBI rear bumper. Subscribed for further updates.
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    Solar on top of RTT?

    I too have been considering this. Unfortunately I have the cutout on top of the RTT, which limits my space. Also, my RTT only hinges open on the front, so my cabling won't have to extend like yours. I have been thinking glueing the edges to the RTT with some 3M type adhesive may do the trick...
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    16 in TRD wheel for Tacoma (2005-??

    I have a brand new 16 inch wheel for a Toyota, 6-spoke, black, new in box, that I don't need because of the sale of my Tacoma. The part number is: PTR20-35080 According to a website this fits the following: This part fits the following vehicles: Toyota: 4Runner 2001 - 2002 Toyota...
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    Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, & Moab from Texas in only 5 days

    Great trip report in a stock vehicle. Thanks for sharing.
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    2007 Tacoma DBL Cab, TRD off road, custom bumpers, winch, sliders and shell

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Auto transmission.
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    2007 Tacoma DBL Cab, TRD off road, custom bumpers, winch, sliders and shell

    Sale PENDING. This truck has seen very few long-term offload trips. It has done a few day routes in the SLC area, and of course Moab. It's a white short bed, 4 door, Old Man Emu lift and rear Dakar springs installed by Kurt @ cruiser outfitters (great work). The front bumper is an All Pro...
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    2008 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 Access Cab 2.7L with AT Flippac, OME Suspension, LC Header

    If you would consider selling just the flip pack let me know. I'm in the market and live close enough to Henderson. Thank you and good luck. Brian
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    what kind of antenna is this?

    Hello this has been on my van since I bought it. Is this a 2 m and 440mhz antenna? I don't know what it is used for.... Any help would be appreciated. I will post a pic tomorrow. Thank you for looking at my issues! Thanks,
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    2M Antenna Recommendations?

    Hi Gents: Long story short, I have an extra antenna on my sprortsmobile which I believe to have been used for HAM radio by previous owners. By looking at it, can you tell me if it's for a UHF or VHF (or both). I have it rigged to my handheld Yeasau VTX150, which I hardly ever use except while...