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    2017 Tacoma Long Bed, RTT, King shocks, sliders

    I will post up some tomorrow. It is black cloth, black carpet. Excellent shape. Tires are 275/75-17, D.
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    2017 Tacoma Long Bed, RTT, King shocks, sliders

    Long bed Tacoma TRD Off-Road, excellent condition. New TRD black wheels, new BFG KO2 tires (less than 500 miles). Demello Sliders, RCI skid plate, KING off-road shocks, RCI low profile bed rack w/ FreeSpirit Roof Top Tent. Rear differential breather relocated. Excellent condition. 20,000...
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    Latest Photo?

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    Goal Zero Vs. Dual Battery Vs. Solo Group 31

    I have a 4Runner and run a fridge with a single Northstar Grp 31 AGM battery. I also rarely stay put in one place. I spent 30 days driving to Alaska and back last summer and no problems at all. When not on long trips, I will put a NOCO 7200 charger on the battery every 2-3 weeks. I carry a...
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    [YEAR 6!] Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...

    I love the references you made to the Beetles songs around Liverpool.
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    ROF's Canada & Alaska 2017

    I took my shotgun and they advised me it was a 60 day permit. I had to pay I believe $20 and submit paperwork with the firearm's identification information. I showed it each time I entered the US, or Canada, and it was never an issue. I just got back today.
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    ROF's Canada & Alaska 2017

    JUST got into Dawson City tonight and will spend tomorrow explorig it more. I need to get my *** out of the seat and onto the leather personnel carriers for some PT. Afterwards I will go to Eagle and then Chicken/TOK for adult beverages and some camping/exploring. I"m driving a gray 4Runner...
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    The Grand Expedition Colorado to Alaska to Baja...

    I am heading to Alaska beginning July 1, but only have 30 days. I'll keep an eye out for you. I'm driving a silver 4Runner with black James Barroud on top, CBI rear bumper. Subscribed for further updates.
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    Solar on top of RTT?

    I too have been considering this. Unfortunately I have the cutout on top of the RTT, which limits my space. Also, my RTT only hinges open on the front, so my cabling won't have to extend like yours. I have been thinking glueing the edges to the RTT with some 3M type adhesive may do the trick...
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    16 in TRD wheel for Tacoma (2005-??

    I have a brand new 16 inch wheel for a Toyota, 6-spoke, black, new in box, that I don't need because of the sale of my Tacoma. The part number is: PTR20-35080 According to a website this fits the following: This part fits the following vehicles: Toyota: 4Runner 2001 - 2002 Toyota...
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    Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, & Moab from Texas in only 5 days

    Great trip report in a stock vehicle. Thanks for sharing.
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    2007 Tacoma DBL Cab, TRD off road, custom bumpers, winch, sliders and shell

    [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Auto transmission.
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    2007 Tacoma DBL Cab, TRD off road, custom bumpers, winch, sliders and shell

    Sale PENDING. This truck has seen very few long-term offload trips. It has done a few day routes in the SLC area, and of course Moab. It's a white short bed, 4 door, Old Man Emu lift and rear Dakar springs installed by Kurt @ cruiser outfitters (great work). The front bumper is an All Pro...