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    2004 Four Wheel Camper Grandby for sale in Colorado

    Oh man! Looks awesome. I'm in the market for a camper and am in Conifer but don't have a full size truck. Best of luck in your sale!
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    Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

    Our rig is a 2002 tacoma DC sr5 with 200,700 miles. We have done the following to make it more capable: -OME light suspension 2.5" all around -tall aluminum topper w/double doors -Rear awning for camp cooking -RTT over cab (craigslist) -Tires -Tacoma spare steel rims from Yoda Jims Yodayard...
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    Sleeping under campershell?

    Our 2002 tacoma is set up with the RTT over the cab and a simple sleeping platform I designed with a drawer for stove and storage, awning off the back, extended height for head room, and a flip up section to let the cooler in and out. Our kids are little but we all fit pretty well! I've recently...
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    looking for some advice on Aluminum caps.

    ARE for me! Insulated it and mounted the awning... Double doors are great.
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    3.4 v6 '02 tacoma engine replacement Q

    Turns out after a lot of poking around with our engine we have the following problems with our beloved '02 double cab tacoma: -cracked head (leaking coolant into cylinder 4, which caused the check engine light and poor compression) -"growling" timing belt pulley -leaking radiator The Cons...
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    3.4 v6 '02 tacoma engine replacement Q

    Cool, thanks for the advice. I will look into that as an option!
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    3.4 v6 '02 tacoma engine replacement Q

    Hello Everyone! My 02 DC Tacoma has been given a few months to live (the engine actually...) and the wife and I have been researching the most reputable toyota engine rebuilders in hopes of finding the best deal and of course best quality of service for our beloved white truck to get this work...
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    2008 tacoma rtt mounted on cab or over canopy?

    We mounted our RTT to the canopy of our tacoma double cab; it works great. Have not had any issues with the canopy or yakima rails not supporting the weight. Plus if you mount it to open to the back you can have access to the rear of the truck from the RTT annex (if you have one). It ends up...