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    *SOLD* 2013 Yamaha Super Tenere World Crosser

    How many miles? Not seeing that or missing it.
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    Full Size - Small Diesels: why so unpopular?

    I'll add my 2 cents as I have 2 ecodiesels. One is a 2014 Ram1500 with 130k miles. It was stripped of all smog since new and has engine/tranny green diesel tune. I run 285 heavier e rated tires and get 27mpg on hilly windy country roads 60 mph avg. In my hunting grounds I do a 5000 ft elev...
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    Dodge Ram 2006 Cummins 5.9L 6 speed ready for any adventure

    I built this truck to be my milion mile rig with plans to use to it go back to my old stomping grounds in Central America and Yucatan. But life took a 90deg turn so wont be doing that. In my 20+ yrs of living down there I found the Ram 4x4 5.9L Cummins to be the simplest, toughest, safest...
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    2014 Lance truck camper for Shortbed

    The Lance 855 probably the best built hard side truck camper for a shortbed 3/4 ton and hard to find in the non slide version. Dont get suckered into the pop out mania...dosent make sense in a smaller camper. My one is like new only been used for 4 nights never cooked in. Has all the goodies...
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    2014 Lance 855 For Sale

    Selling my 855. I can make a good argument that this model as good as you can have for 2 person truck camper. Location southern oregon. 27k been used only 5 nites. Buying a lake cabin dont need it now. 855 not easy to find. Call me 541 four five zero 3544.
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Here is link to pics on flickr album also youtube exterior compartments etc
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Bolting a seat is doable. Not sure what you mean by liveable with slideout in but if you mean while traveling/on the move then it dosent get in the way of access to cab or walking back to kitchen bath etc. Need about 12ft clearance.
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    I jave panos n more. Will try to put up on a pic site later. easier
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    FOR SALE: 2006 F550 4x4 diesel 26ft Class C w/slide out

    Thanks! Yeah I think it is very fairly priced for the right individual. Its unique prob not many if any for sale in the us at any one time. I had no intentions of selling it and dont have to but I just wont use it much and its not good to let things sit. Needs a new home. Might take a week or 2...