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    Wanted: How To Ship A Camper

    When I shipped my first trailer, I met the tractor trailer at a mall. The buyer arranged to have a flat bed tow truck there(a larger size)...they pulled the the camper on the flat bed, then backed up to the tractor trailer and rolled it on....tied it down and off to Canada it went.
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    SOLD!!!! Like New ROAM 5' Awning $150

    Right now showing not available until late April...spring bump
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    Petzl Reactik+

    I have one of these (and about 10 others)....and everything is junk compared to this...I always go back to it....GLWTS
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    SOLD!!!! Like New ROAM 5' Awning $150

    I'm the second owner, and was doing a custom mount off the back of my trailer, so I couldn't really use anything "standard".....thanks
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    SOLD!!!! Like New ROAM 5' Awning $150

    Thank you!!...sure will!
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    SOLD!!!! Like New ROAM 5' Awning $150

    Bump...price drop
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    SOLD!!!! Like New ROAM 5' Awning $150

    For Sale.....Like new ROAM 5' awning...
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    2018 Turtleback Expedition

    Good luck with the sale...better luck with the Mrs...prayers inbound!! (been dealing with cancer for almost 5 years now...had 3 months to live originally...if you need to talk shoot me a DM)
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    ROAM Camper For Sale $16,500

    Full on Spring bump!
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    SOLD: Custom built Offroad ready excape pod or squaredrop, $5000 (Waldorf, MD 20602)

    I remember watching this build....incredibly clean and well done...awesome job and GLWS!! That's a spectacular price!!
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    Tacoma "expedition" style trailer questions

    Hi Vaquero, This is the Classifieds section...maybe the Mods could move you over the trailer build section where you'd get lots more answers. @haven
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    Kimberley Karavan 2011 X series - $55,000 - SOLD

    It has been inspiring to see the spots you have been...good luck with sale...can't wait to see the new one!!