Mar 7, 1980 (Age: 42)
Which COUNTRY or PLANET outside of the USA would you like to visit the most? OUTSIDE OF "United States".
What's your current location (zipcode or city)?
Elementary School Teacher - The good kind, I promise!
What vehicle do you drive or ride? Tell us about your dream overland vehicle! Please be specific - put BRAND and MODEL, 2 words minimum or your registration will not be approved
2019 F350 Platinum CCLB FX4
Define "Overland"
The word itself bothers me honestly. Ive been an outdoor adveturist for my entire life. Its truly just a new term to create a new category in the capitalistic world we live in, and thank god for capitalism. I accept it, it is what it is. I love being outdoors, and I love meeting new people. If this word "overland" encourages that, then awesome, but its still kind of lame! HAHA!!!



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