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    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    I’ll look for it tonight. Todd Z.
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    Baofeng UV5R "Builder Brackets"

    I think I have an extra UV5R bracket that I purchased from Kiddmen57 that I won't be using if someone's interested. Todd Z.
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    Dice...... The 1978 Jeep Wagoneer

    Loving this thread! Always love to read about the adventures with old iron... Todd Z.
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    New Jeep Pick Up to be unveiled...The Gladiator

    Curious why they didn't go with BFGs on the Gladiator Rubicon like they use on the JL Rubicon. If it was a load rating issue, they could've gone to the E-rated versions of the K02s. Todd Z.
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    Help Identifying Tie Rod Parts

    Not really - I'd figure out the root cause of the problem of the threads stripped out and maybe see if you can get a tie rod with the threads tapped into it directly rather than the weld-in adapters (which sometimes have limited thread length). The beauty is that these ends are available any...
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    Help Identifying Tie Rod Parts

    Yeah, ujoint is right. Those pieces look to be the popular "Chevy 1 ton" tie rod ends used in many, many conversions. A little bit of googling will quickly reveal the PNs of what you need. And as bdkw1 (is that you, Brian?) notes, it looks like the threads have stripped out of the welded -in...
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    34x10.5R17 BFG KO2's on JK Rubicon Wheels $1400 obo

    Thanks - I could usually do the Expo but I have to go to LA that weekend this year. I appreciate the flexibility. Todd Z.
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    34x10.5R17 BFG KO2's on JK Rubicon Wheels $1400 obo

    Oh man, I wish you were closer! I'm really grimacing at the price of this size new but like it. I'm curious of anyone who has run the D and C-rated AT2s can tell much of a difference in ride quality. I'm really wanting to get rid of the E-rated Toyos on my Bronco. They wear like iron but...
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    1970 Bronco with ?FWC

    That poor truck has been flipped, re-flipped, and flipped again the past few years. I just wish someone would buy it, use it, and enjoy it instead of just viewing it as another commodity from which to make a few bucks. Todd Z.
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    No Loss valve caps

    I had these years ago and really liked them - the monkeys at Discount tossed them when they changed my tires one time and I didn't realize it until later. Send me a PM with your Paypal, Phil, and I'll get a set across town. Thanks, Todd Z.
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    Open Differentials vs. Traction Control vs. Lockers

    I appreciate your input here with a wide variety of traction-aiding devices used. I've long thought of using True-Tracs front and rear but keep coming back to "ARBs are the ultimate" and probably do better in snowy conditions since they can be turned off. I've had a Detroit in the back of my...
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    Introducing Miss Rubi, a 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited

    Amazing! Looking forward to discussing this more with you this weekend. Todd Z.
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    Overland Expo sold

    I hope they did very well with the sale and can relax and enjoy a slower pace of life now. Todd Z.
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    9800 Mile!!! 2006 Rubicon Unlimited LJ

    Gorgeous example of one of the most desirable models! GLWTS. Todd Z.
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    Install & Review; Falcon Sport Tow/Haul Shocks on a Ford F150

    Thanks for the report! I had no idea that Falcon made shocks for anything other Jeeps. Todd Z.