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    How to calculate street pressure for larger tires.

    This is exactly how I've always done it. I've done 30k miles more or less on a set of second hand 315-75-16 Mickey MTZ's. Tread wear was very even along its width and it wore of about .2" of the tread. Not bad at all. Used the same method with my new Yokohama's.
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    Quick release door tops

    Excellent! As I have new door tops I will try this out with the old ones. see if they hold the doortop on good enough. If so I'll do this to the new ones too. Very handy indeed!
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    Across Australia

    Good to hear you have indeed visited the area before. I really liked Middle Lagoon, there was no-one else when we where there. Amazing spot! Happy travels and keep those pics and stories coming!
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    Across Australia

    Sounds like you had a great time there! You should have gone to Cape Leveque, there are many places that make a wonderfull nights stay. Beautiful area that I'm lucky to have seen multiple times.
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    Post favorite pics of your rig and trailer

    My current project. A 60s era Roset 1/4 ton ex army trailer (Dutch M416 copy) which will be turned into a camper trailer. Wheels will be the same as on the LR, will be the same color and a RTT will be fitted on a hinged frame on top. It already has the tongue extended and an Aussie McHitch...
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    Across Australia

    Where are you staying in Broome?
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    Sani Pass trip report January with photos.

    Thanks for sharing! Brings back memories, I did Sani in 2009 I think it was, in a Discovery1 300tdi. Amazingly beautiful country!
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    Widening trailer axle, M416 copy

    Thank you all! Yesterday I took the hubs of and noticed there's plenty of room to knock (or grind) the old studs out, weld up at least one of the holes and drill the 6 hole toyota pattern. That solves the stud pattern issue. Sleeving the cut axle sounds like a good option. Would it have to be...
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    Widening trailer axle, M416 copy

    Hi all, I recently jointed the camper trailer society with a Dutch copy of the M416. After WW2 the Dutch copied the M416 trailer, most were made by Polynorm and Roset. Mine is a Roset from somewhere between the '50s and 60's. The only real visual difference are the arched fenders instead of...
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    Adventures of the Silver ghost

    Amazing pictures! Some bring back memories. Thanks for sharing!
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    Lock & roll hitch in the uk?

    I havent seen any decent offroad hitches for sale in Europe. me and a mate of mine have bought the Aussie made and sold McHitch. Shipping is somewhat costly but so are most good things in life.
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    That sure is one beautiful spot! This one doesn't come close but it still is a really nice spot
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    Land Cruiser drive line under Series III?

    Good to hear you're going for it! You'll enjoy it heaps when finished. I do have one question, why spending heaps on a Gturbo (which model btw) when there's a ton of info on cheaper, good alternatives around (, diesel section). The pump doesn't put out a lot of fuel, and the IDI...
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    Series softtop overlander options/ideas or back to stationwagon?

    Thank you sir! I had a look at that tipi, that looks real good! However I still don't quite like having to mess around with a ground tent, inflatable matrasses and bedding. An RTT is just so much easier. I'm now considering a little camper trailer. The main advantage will be that all my stuff...