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    4D34 3AT3B Motor

    you need to add a engine watch dog when you can. reads engine head temperature rather than coolant temp, has an alarm as well
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    2007 FG140 Transmission Issue

    don't know much about the fg140 but in general it could be the hydraulic master cylinder starting to bypass the piston seals after you have held preasure on it for a while like riding the clutch. try giving the clutch pedal a quick pump and see if that helps
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    Winch recommendations 2010 FUSO FG 140

    have a look at the sherpa winchs, good price and well made. I have a 17000 lb going on the rear of my nps and a 17000 lb twin motor going on the front
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    nps 300 shock absorbers

    thanks dan, i have seen those around so i will give them a try
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    nps 300 shock absorbers

    Hi all, i am looking for brand recommendations and part numbers for rear shocks to suit my 2007 isuzu nps300 4x4. It will be at close to its 6000 kg gvm most times and will see some rough dirt roads and a bit of off road but nothing severe. Will probably end up fitting load assist air bags when...
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    Pop top or hard side dilemma

    thanks for your thoughts every one, i have decided on a full hard sided box with a internal head height of 1900mm and external height of 3000 including solar panels. No going back now as panels are ordered.
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    Pop top or hard side dilemma

    Hi all, i am starting to feel that i am becoming a serial pest on here but i have found that the real world knowledge on here is unbeatable. My current dilemma is that i am on the final on paper drawing stage of the camper box before i take it to the expensive part of turning it to reality and...
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    Isuzu NPS 300 camper build

    hi again mate, how did you proceed with the mounting of the awning, you were worried about mounting it to the roof because of the extra swaying of the roof without a scissor lift fitted. I am at the on paper stage of wall panels, door and awning fit ect and wanted to mount the awning to the...
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    FG's in Action
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    Suspension Seat Isuzu NPS crew Cab

    hi steve , i only put the seats r us link up for 4X4 TRUCK as i thought it might help him out, i have never used them, i just saw their add the other day. when i bought my 2007 single cab it had 2 stratos seats already fitted and blue plated. all i had to do was redo all mounts that were used as...
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    tyre to tray clearance

    thanks for the replies every one, i have aimed at 200 unloaded and i can't see this being a problem
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    tyre to tray clearance

    hope you all had a good christmas, i am starting to make my tray for the nps single cab and looking for advice on the tyre to wheel arch distance when unloaded. i have spent some time searching on here and have found nothing yet. vehicle is a 2007 nps single cab with 37 inch super singles and...
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    2017 FUSO FG engine cooling fan problem

    do you have the air conditioner turned on, i have a commodore that the electric fan turns on and stays on as soon as you turn the air cond on