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    $200 5KW Portable Diesel Air Heater

    I have one of these in my boat in Alaska, but I'm considering building a portable unit for my truck camper. How are you guys isolated exhaust gases from the air that enters the heat chamber that is supposed to NOT be mixed with carbon monoxide?
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    Open Carry in Wilderness Areas

    I frequently carry one in brown bear habitat where I live in AK. Although you have to practice a ton if you want even a remote chance of stopping a big coastal brown bear. Usually they win, if that is there intent. Not sure what you guys have been talking about for nine pages, but I can only...
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    Request for NL/Bigfoot Fiberglass Camper Owners - Drain Holes in Floor

    I took out all my rotten wood stringers and replaced them with a welded aluminum frame, then filled the spaces with 2" pink foam and laminated with FPS. All that stuff is impervious to water. So if it happens again, it won't rot out the construction. I'm rebuilding my entire interior...
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    Request for NL/Bigfoot Fiberglass Camper Owners - Drain Holes in Floor

    I found the same in my Travelaire (fiberglass clam-shell camper). I just gutted the ENTIRE interior.......
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    No oven, smaller cook top, smaller sink.......PERFECT! Nice set up!
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    The Grand Terrainer: 2017+ Ford F-250 and SpaceKap Diablo 8'

    I just installed a non-portable one on my boat in Alaska..such a game changer!
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Heading to Alaska.
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    Sheep Bridge-Verde River

    I've done that route on the moto a while back.
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    Southern San Juan Playtime

    San Juans are one of my favorite ranges.
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    A Desert Wander...

    Utah never gets old. So many variable landscapes within 4 hours drive from SLC.
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    SNAPSHOT: Lockhart Basin Rd

    Great pics and write up on the blog.
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    Mojave Rd.

    The smiles on the guy driving the Cruiser are priceless, as is this photo.