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    Project: Blanco, The 2007 F350 Standard Cab Adventure Truck

    Here is my truck. It has 3.73 gears
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    Project: Blanco, The 2007 F350 Standard Cab Adventure Truck

    I bought mine , 04 v10, 6 speed, supercab ,shortbed, stock 265/75/16 tires, in Salem Oregon and drove over 500 miles home mostly on I-5 and some backroads and got about 16.5 mpg. Since being home most of my trips have been short runs to town about 10 miles, haven't checked much but I expect it...
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    E350 Chinook Build

    What are your plans ? Full time out west ?
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    XPCamper goes out of business, files for bankruptcy?

    Looks like the new owners pay a little better.
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    Project: Doitall Dodge

    I had an 02 f350 7.3 with an automatic. Sold it 3 years ago for good money. I don't have to drive much , no commute, only for fun. The 04 truck seems to drive better than the 02, maybe it's less weight on the front end.
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    Project: Doitall Dodge

    It's hard finding a manual trans. truck. I was looking for a truck just like that but ended up finding an 04 supercab, shortbed, v10, 6 speed last month. Drove over 500 miles to Oregon to get it.
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    DIY Expedition Vehicle Build VIDEO

    I think the same thing when I see those huge 15 ton trucks from Europe in the U.S. camped at a Walmart. They can't go anywhere offroad. On the other extreme there are tons of "expo" rigs with 40" tires, snorkel, mattrax, gas cans hanging off the side and they camp at a campground. To me there...
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    DIY Expedition Vehicle Build VIDEO

    For traveling weeks or months what would you suggest ? Some people want to stand up, have a real shower and bathroom and be able to cook inside. In the U.S. you have to go out of your way to go off road, most travel is either paved roads or graded dirt roads. There is no magical rubicon trail...
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    Tao Tao DBX1 140CC china bike

    Get one. Has to be a lot better suspension than the honda 110
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    ¿What tire size do you wish existed? But does not.

    I would like a 255/85/16 with a mild all terrain tread like a yokahama geolander or michelin ltx. A 265/85/16 would be even better.
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    DIY Expedition Vehicle Build VIDEO

    I watched episode one. It was fine. I was expecting lots of phony , "how wonderful our lives are" and product placement. Hopefully it won't go the way of most "Vanlife" channels and go over the top cheesy.
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    Need new tires

    I had some Yokahama GO15 all terrains on my van. Smooth, quiet and work good in snow.
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    Car Paint Colors & Temperatures

    You guys are hardcore. I had a dirtbike buddy who became a CHP officer and eventually a Motor.
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    03 f150 5.4 compared to 09-10 f150 5.4

    I found a truck, an 04 f250 supercab, shortbed, V10, 6 speed manual, xlt . Finding a clean truck with a manual trans. is hard. I took a chance and drove over 500 miles to get this one.