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    3 Years Around North America, Plus a Few More

    Nice pics and write up. Enjoy. Let me know if you need a shower and a bed if you come back through Portland.
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    Latest Photo?

    Lucy and Dixie enjoying the dry on a cold, wet Oregon day.
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    Latest Photo?

    Lucy at the Troopy take "in" window.
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    WTB Toyota JDM Diesel Camper It's on the West coast but you should check this guy out. He's honest and I've seen some of his vans and they are very nice
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    Super Low Mileage Troopy

    I see you're in Ocean Shores. The next time I come up there for a clam dig I'd love to see your trucks. That's one hell of a collection. I have a '90 with about 165K. Nice one.
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    Super Low Mileage Troopy Probably not another one like this anywhere.
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    Latest Photo?

    I ordered some a week or so ago. Looking forward to some's been cold camping here as of late.
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    ExPo 70 Series Registry

    Ordered a wiper linkage from Partsouq on a Sunday night and it delivered in Portland the following Tuesday. 2 days.
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    Latest Photo?

    Pacific City, OR
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    Driven To Wander - Vancouver to Patagonia

    I've followed and enjoyed the trip report from the very beginning. Thanks for posting. Someday....soon.
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    Alu-Cab Hercules Troopy Roof Coversion / Now in the USA!

    Hey, you're gonna love the truck. Super nice....hope I get to see it someday.
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    Troopy in Bend

    No affiliation.
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    Easing into family adventure...

    Good to see your report. I used to do a bit of backwoods driving near White Rock. Arkansas is a pretty state....particularly in the winter when the leaves and bugs are gone. Enjoy......
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    Troopy in Seattle

    Will be a nice truck for somebody. Hope you get the price. GLWS.
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    Troopy in Seattle

    Perspective I guess. I’m not sure and don’t really want to know what I’ve got in mine but it adds up. Hope the seller gets his price.