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    Trail Worthy Fab

    I don't know but I have only one time when I got a rock stuck between a dual wheel and I drove them for over 40 years.
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    historical I wasn't sure where to put it and I hope you can pull it up.
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    Pop top or hard side dilemma

    I suppose I'm somewhere in the middle. I can live with it without the top being raised as long as I don't smack one of the lights with my head. Taking a shower is fun and if I raise the top it's around 23" higher. I usually sleep on the couch.
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    GPS- navigation unit or iPad?

    Sorry if you didn't like my reply but I did years of geology work and all we had were paper maps and a compass.
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    GPS- navigation unit or iPad?

    It really sounds like you need to figure out how to read a map. I still have all of those paper things and I never get lost.
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    Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper

    I have done a lot of welding and have a ASME inspector watch me as I was welding and he said that I could be certified. I just stick things together but a welding insteuctor looked at one of my welds and said was better than he could have done
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    Smittybilt SRC Rear Bumper

    Huh, I own a welder and spent less than $100 to build a new cross member and a bumper with a reciever mount. You seem to have more $ than I do to throw out.]
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    2018 JL prices

    Never going to happen for me. The price is more than I spent for my house or my 4X4 motorhome. I still have 2 Jeeps and I am into them around $5.000. The first Jeep was $500. Idiotic prices.
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    My Journey

    Jerry, just find what works for you. I deal with a 20 ft motorhome. I have lived in it for months at a tine. I've dealt with trailers, campers and motorhomes for over 50 years. Then again I can throw all of my stuff in my 3B for many nights of camping. I miss the pictures of your dogs.
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    FUSO 4x4 man trans - test engine brake parked/moving (check brake shoe thickness)

    My exhaust brake works fine, I use it all of the time in town or on Mt passes.
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    Dice...... The 1978 Jeep Wagoneer

    I'm with you, My 3B is built up like it would have been done in the early '60s. (that is how I bought it) It works fine and is a favorite out on the trails. I get more attention than any other Jeep in the group.
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    Crappy Exhaust Brake??

    As I have said to many friends that give me crap, I'm on vacation." I get there when I get there". They all have big fancy campers and I ask them about fuel mileage. OK, abut same as I get. They can just drive a bit faster.
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    Crappy Exhaust Brake??

    Mine has worked fine the entire time I have owned the thing. If anything I have to hit the skinny pedal to make it look like I am keeping up with the traffic on the back side of a pass. The truck drivers like me as I blend into the stream of trucks over there in that lane. Like I can pass...
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    Barn Door for JK factory hardtops

    It's much easier to carry 2 containers, one in each hand as I keeps you in a position for better balance.
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    Am I just outdated?

    A lady friend put around 380,000 on her 4.0. Several water pumps and a transfer case. Ohio is not a good state for vehicle bodies. She finally sold it and got something new. I talked her into waiting a few years...