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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    I'm into my second year with mine. About to take it out for a mountain trip from Austin to Oregon for a month. So far so good but I have yet to have it anywhere where I wasn't burning up. Also moving from an Outback to a 4Runner so that will be interesting.
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    Did I hear that Grayson Highlands is having some major bear issues? How crazy is that. That much more reason to be on top of the car!
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    fill me in on the realties

    I've had my Skyrise for a few weeks now and have only tested it here at the house in torrential rain and driving around with it on top of my Outback. Def feel it up there but nothing too crazy at all. Glad I upgraded the sway bar though. Tent seems awesome. Glad I waited for the 2nd wave of them...
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    Yakima SkyRise RTT

    I've had mine for a couple weeks and while I haven't been out camping in it yet, I have been testing all aspects of it on the ground and then on my 2012 Outback since I got it. Austin has been getting dumped on over the last couple weeks so great time to get it figured out. I have mountain...