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    Just bought a 2020 LC Heritage and I love it!

    Yes...illuminated hash line lights to indicate how full it is. Very simple to operate. Contact Cruiser Brothers if you're going to purchase...great guys.
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    Just bought a 2020 LC Heritage and I love it!

    I have one on my 94. Push button on dash and the aux will fill the main while you drive. Main doesn't have to be empty.
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    Fzj80 Toyota Land Cruiser Built

    Looks clean! Don't kid yourself though, it is NEVER done.
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    2019 RAM Power Wagon - PeeWee

    In the Land Cruiser world, we call those "damage multipliers". If you were to bump something hard enough to crack your tailight lens without the guards, chances are that you may likely damage the sheet metal surrounding the lenses with them on. Tail light lenses are typically much cheaper than...
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    Ford Ranger POWER!! Cute...😅 Land Cruiser...
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    My local dealer works on my 1994 LC. Has the manuals and can do a full engine rebuild if needed. Some parts are NLA, but never needed a part I couldn't get at the dealership. Smaller dealer about 60 miles East of LA. I'm not sure you know WTF you're talking about. You drive a Ford...
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    Spotted these in North Carolina Don't lie...did you consider a carefully orchastrated carjacking for a second or two?
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    Spotted these in North Carolina

    These are typically used underground in mining operations. Toyota solid axle FTW!!
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    I have a confession

    But you miss the Land Cruiser...that is why you are here, no?
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    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    Maybe I'm in the minority or maybe this stuff is just out of my financial league, but I think this truck is ridiculous. Who needs all this? Buy a Tundra, stick a camper shell on it and go camping...
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    Buying my First FJ80 LandCruiser.

    Agree with above post. I would not advise someone to get an 80 as a DD. They're great as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle that can be worked on when wanted/needed.
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    Looking for 100 series

    Truth spoken here...heed warning folks. If you have a nice 80, best keep it!
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    200 Series Lockers/Traction Control

    You're buying a 200 series for a trail rig? They have electronic traction aides, but not true diff lockers. Regardless, 200 series far better choice than the other 2 options you listed...
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    Just wanted to post this here

    That's a beauty...congrats!