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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    Ford Ranger POWER!! Cute...😅 Land Cruiser...
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    Farewall Land Cruiser?

    My local dealer works on my 1994 LC. Has the manuals and can do a full engine rebuild if needed. Some parts are NLA, but never needed a part I couldn't get at the dealership. Smaller dealer about 60 miles East of LA. I'm not sure you know WTF you're talking about. You drive a Ford...
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    Spotted these in North Carolina Don't lie...did you consider a carefully orchastrated carjacking for a second or two?
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    Spotted these in North Carolina

    These are typically used underground in mining operations. Toyota solid axle FTW!!
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    I have a confession

    But you miss the Land Cruiser...that is why you are here, no?
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    Status of US Maltec Campers?

    Maybe I'm in the minority or maybe this stuff is just out of my financial league, but I think this truck is ridiculous. Who needs all this? Buy a Tundra, stick a camper shell on it and go camping...
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    Buying my First FJ80 LandCruiser.

    Agree with above post. I would not advise someone to get an 80 as a DD. They're great as a 2nd or 3rd vehicle that can be worked on when wanted/needed.
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    Looking for 100 series

    Truth spoken here...heed warning folks. If you have a nice 80, best keep it!
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    200 Series Lockers/Traction Control

    You're buying a 200 series for a trail rig? They have electronic traction aides, but not true diff lockers. Regardless, 200 series far better choice than the other 2 options you listed...
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    Just wanted to post this here

    That's a beauty...congrats!
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    Just wanted to post this here

    27K for a 100 series? That thing must be built with everything Slee offers because you can get a 200 series for that price.
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    Just wanted to post this here

    So does my Land Cruiser...:cool:
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    Just wanted to post this here

    My BIL bought a brand new 2013 Jeep Wrangler (My Land Cruiser was 19 years old at the time he bought it). Drove to work and back home to Lake Arrowhead for 3 years...never once off road. One day it ground to a halt in 2016. We look under the Jeep and the transmission was completely separated...
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    Keeping the cruiser

    Thought about selling mine a few times...been offered a pretty large sum once or twice. In the end, I love the truck. There's always improvements and sacrifices when changing platforms. In the end, my 80 makes me smile, keeps me busy/engaged with modifications and restorations, can go damn near...