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    Opinions on Condition (based on these photos)

    Thanks for all the input. I'm still going back and forth with him a bit. His most recent comment after some of my questions was: "There is no oil leak but few spots I'm noticing on parking spot by bumper since last oil change, likely from oil filter, I am going gto look at it this week as I...
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    Opinions on Condition (based on these photos)

    So I've been looking all over the place for a well kept and recently serviced (timing belt etc) 100k or so 3rd Gen Montero. I found one in New York where the guy just did the major services late last year. Sounds like it has been in NY its whole life, which for me as an east coaster is usually...
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    1979 Bronco w/ diesel swap

    edited. here's link
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    1979 Bronco w/ diesel swap

    Click here: 1979 Bronco Pretty cool build and the engine manufacturer is supposedly pretty well liked for their 6.5 bulletproofing.
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    Astro 4x4 lifted in NJ

    Click here : Lifted Astro This place always has interesting low mileage vehicles.
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    1979 Troopy Restoration CT

    1979 Land Cruiser This popped up in my notifications yesterday and looks like It could be a cool base for a project.
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    Ford F800 4x4 in Delaware Looks like it could be a potentially rugged platform
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    V8 Quigley E350 with less than 90k in NY

    If I had the funds to make an offer I probably would, but maybe someone else does:
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    Custom 1957 Panel Van W/cummins

    Why the hell not... toss a bed in the back
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    Nice Looking Diesel Suburban in New England

    For anyone in my neck of the woods it might be worth a look.
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    1995 Ford Econoline E350 Super Duty Cargo QUIGLEY 4 WHEEL DRIVE POWERSTROKE

    Looks like a nice start 15k
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    90's f450 good base for expedition build?

    Truck has sold before I could see it. Thanks for the advice all! I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for other candidates.
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    90's f450 good base for expedition build?

    Thanks for the responses! Very helpful tips. Will definitely do some looking around the pedals and check how the bed is mounted. Luckily I'm only 6ft so interior space shouldn't be a problem. My old Toyota and Nissan pickups were all regular cab so I'm sure this is more spacious than those...
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    90's f450 good base for expedition build?

    Hello All-- I am looking to get back into the overland/adventure market after selling my 1989 Toyota 4x4 w/overland setup over a decade ago when I was up in the mountains of NH. I am partial to the older trucks for their rugged simplicity and reliability when properly maintained. I have...