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    Near new expedition LMTV high end build

    Very nice machine and good luck with the sale. Curious what 30Klb winch is being put on that. It doesnt sound right... 30K requires a massive frame on the winch itself and would stick way out front. Its also too much for this rig. All those Chinese models are junk and have false claims on power...
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    FOR SALE: NEW 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser VDJ79 - $55k OBO

    You left out EPA. This would never pass because of that alone, much less the rest. 100% will never be on US roads for 25 years, outside of the temp permit process.
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    Winch recovery slings! Dyneema-USA made.

    Hey I never got your message. Checked spam folder too. Will PM you.
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    Winch recovery slings! Dyneema-USA made.

    When I do a custom winch build/repair/restoration, I sometimes have oversupplied materials so I'm making these custom recovery slings out the same USA made 3/8" Dyneema SK75 winch rope I supply on my builds. These are perfect additions to any recovery kit. They weigh nothing and take up very...
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    Extremely Rare 700AP Puch Halflinger US Version for sale, Portal Axles, Diff Locks, like Gwagen $16500

    You might want to put that on where people know what that is.
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    Imported Toyota HiAce Camper Van-3L Diesel 4WD 5 Speed (1996)

    Sorry man but that's about a shadiest sticker I've ever seen. I'm actually a specialist at this stuff, being a 4x4 importer myself, off and on since the 90's and heavily experienced with Ca. DMV/CARB issues. RHD/LHD has nothing to do with it, it's the grey market diesel engine which is 100% not...
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    Imported Toyota HiAce Camper Van-3L Diesel 4WD 5 Speed (1996)

    More likely a safety compliance issue, or simply that Toyota did have a van here for a while. Americans never liked diesels in the consumer markets anyway. Land Rover Defenders are a classic case, where they were meeting US DOT/EPA specs until it became too expensive for LR to keep up. It's all...
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    Imported Toyota HiAce Camper Van-3L Diesel 4WD 5 Speed (1996)

    This can't be technically legal in Ca. no matter what the CHP did (by accident). Just beware that the tags will likely be recalled at some point in the future when someone realizes it.
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    1963 Land Rover Series IIA - Full Restored - Located in Seattle

    So that is not the Rover in the pic? Hope not as that has SIII indicator lights, a late IIA grill, rusted bulkhead, cheap mirrors.. the list goes on. For 50k it has to be museum grade.
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    2003 Toyota Landcruiser HZJ 79 - Azalai conversion

    A couple of years? That's almost 6 years. That's a long storage time which will generate its own issues.
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    How are you not confusing it? What you said is wrong.. sorry but lets keep things straight here. That Rover, unless it got the CARB cert. which for a Tdi would cost around $12,000, will be rejected like the rest at random by the DMV head office and he will have to title it elsewhere. Not much...
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    You're confusing this with what happens with a USA built diesel. This is grey market which is a whole other world of issues.
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    Not my intention to mess with your ad because I am looking at TLCs, but how is this Ca. registered? It would have to be CARB lab tested and certified to be due to being grey market. Does it have the sticker?
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    Like new Warn XD9000i winch

    Forgot to mention that this will come with a free cover!