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    Awning room with wood stove

    Nice, I've been looking for info on this. I found a YouTube video of someone using a wood stove in the awning of a OZ Tent. They had the pipe exit through the ceiling portion though. I am looking for these options for elk hunting in November.
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    AEV vs RK VS OME 2-2.5" Springs for Wildly Varying Jeep Weight

    A little late to this thread but I run my JKU in similar fashion other than having 3.5" lift. I initially voted for the AEV but quickly realized the 2.5" and changed my vote to OME as their coils at that height IMO are better suited for the extra load. For some reason the AEV 2.5 is softer...
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    Single drawer build & rear organization system

    Good to hear. Thank you!
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    Single drawer build & rear organization system

    How is the Monster liner holding up? Just built a platform and am considering similar but am worried it will start falling off in chunks like other products I have used like this on wood. Thanks! Looks great BTW
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    Post up your drawer/storage system

    After years of going around and around on what would work or not I finally built a platform for the back of my JKU. It is partially to support two dogs while there are 2 kids in the back seat, partially to be a sleeping platform for one, maybe two eventually and also a way to separate, contain...
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    Trailer Options for 37” Tires?

    Would think Xventure trailers are capable of 37s. I assume you're looking at a new custom trailer and not repurposing something like a military trailer? My M101a3 came with 37s but as mentioned a bit heavy ( and overkill durable) but maybe a M101a2 with a a3 leaf pack or lower bumpstops.
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    Another trailer thread...

    Sure: Stain: Primer: And yes prime and paint all sides...
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    Another trailer thread...

    I just redecked my snowmobile trailer. I did a bit of research and ended up using 3/4" Marine grade plywood primed with a 3-2-1 Primer and painted with Waterproof Behr solid stain. A lot of research i found recommended products like Behr Deck over or Rustoleum 2x deck paint etc. I have had...
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    ExpeditionOverland: South America 2017 - Debuts 10/27/17

    Ha being sick all weekend I just binge watched the whole lot. Good series for sure, I am really excited for Chile as I have been wanting to travel there and explore for a few years-maybe never return..
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    New version of Gaia GPS released

    I have been using GAIA since probably the beginning, anyone remember when they got cut off from using maps through Trimble or whatever that was about? I was hesitant about the subscription model but the added layers are nice and understand things change and models must change to keep up with...
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    Overland trailer in the snow?

    I don't have a lot to add here however a tunable brake controller would be nice so that you can tune or reduce the amount of braking force on the trailer. I towed my M101 out of elk camp this year on a mountain road with compact snow/ice and found the only nuisance to be the normally OK (mine...
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    New Member introduction.

    Welcome. Must ask, what is the deal on the roof rack with the hose going to it?
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    Collection of Trailer Builds

    Nice, is there a return or does it pressurize the interior and get make up air from the outside?
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    Wheel adapters

    A little more info with a question... The factory JK wheels have an offset of 44.45 mm or 1.75". The steel winter wheels have slightly deeper offset at 47.3mm or 1.86". Seems trailer spindles like a 0 (zero) offset to .5" to center the wheel between the bearings and bias toward the inside...