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    FS; Alu-Cab Khaya

    I called Asheville Overland Outfitters to purchase/install on my Gladiator; They stated it wouldn’t fit, they ordered one for a customer with the assumption that it would fit, it wouldn’t. There are pictures on-the-line with it installed, but as @Markj10me mentioned it requires trimming.
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    Need help: Which trailer works best for us?

    The Bruder EXP-8 is 4 season. But with the $200K+ price tag a vacation house may be a cheaper option.
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    I got the same. If he’s “selling at cost”; where is the additional $26,604.73?
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    AT Overland Atlas for Mid-Size Truck 6ft Bed w/ Extras

    If I may ask; Why are you getting rid of this set up? It looks awesome!
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    Viewing Request: UEV-490 within 4 hours of Washington DC

    Not anymore...It’s Kimberly Kampers USA now.
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    3 VORSHEER XOC'S will soon be available (Yes, 3 New Trailers!!!)

    I love your guys trailers. I’ve been waiting to free up the monthly space to purchase one(paying off the jeep). Buts it’s a huge turn off to see your direct sales price go from “well equipped” ~$37K to ~$52K via the “dealership network”.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Found a local place to have some fun today.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Yes. Dennis and the guys at Impatient Creations did a great job. I would recommended them for any project big or small. Their attention to detail is off the charts.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Ref Rover forum: I think it's prob split eveyone talks about doing a SBC, but there are always purists. I love the way it pulls with the LS2 and 4.10's, it's a awesome combo. I think if I had hindsight I might do a 4BT and a auto trans. But then again I have no knowledge of that combo, so who...
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I don't have too many that I can upload/access via iPad/iPhone. If u your looking for something specific let me know I'll fire up the desktop.
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    1994 LS2>NV4500>Atlas>D60 Rear w/ ARB>D44 Front w/ ARB>35" Nitto Trail Grapler's
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    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    2013 JKUR AEV 350
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    Some picture of my recent travels

    Did u come from Red Lodge, Cooke City, or Crandel side?
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    Defender Tire Size Whatcha Got?

    I see a couple posts asking for tire size recommendations for their specific truck. It got me thinking what size is everybody running on their defender. Lets post it up. If your running metric go ahead and give a quick estimate in inches. Me 295 x 70 R18 34.5x11.5 Cheers Matt