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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Man, that's trying!
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    Sleeping bag or duvet?

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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    Good Points. It would be easy to just run two wires. I'd forgotten to consider that the unit does have a low power shut off!!! I did by enough good wire. The socket I'm using is a good quality twist lock type. I didn't realize the Anderson plugs could be had in a compact size. I've never used...
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    10/4 john61. I'm only running 10-14ft RT. I'm not to worried about voltage drop. I try to keep wire on least old odds and ends. As today, I will run to town to get wire for this project. I wish I had bought some spools years ago..... I go for small items these days and think, "has...
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    Well, on the BluSea calc ii's giving me 18 ga wire with a min fuse size of 5amps/ recommended 10amp. I wasn't sure what to put in for the run time, so I entered 30 the 60 min based on a guess of hourly run time. I'll still go a bit heavier with the wire.
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    DRP & Dreadlocks, I figured on doing the partial run length if I ground to chassis. Robert Bills, I had always been under the impression that the fusing would be for the wires...I remember my old 72 International and how all it's dash wiring melted in an instant one night driving home in...
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    Thanks for mentioning that Dreadlocks. I wouldn't have and I may just use common body/frame ground.
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    Thanks for the link SquirrelZ. The freezer will be here tomorrow so I can get the specs.
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    Wire Size Assistance Requested

    Good Day. I am replacing the defunct cigarette light receptacle on the dash of the van. The largest item that may be plugged into it is a small portable fridg/freezer as well as charging a cell or running GPS. I will be using a switched relay and the relay will be under the hood by the battery...
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    Solar charging the starter battery

    HOBOTECH posted a vid a couple days back. I forget what portable panel it is, but it is stout and comes with the older model controller that I believe would charge an auto battery.
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    Simple, portable solar setup?

    SBSYNCRO, That's almost the rout I am planning to use for the new small RV we picked up. We will be wintering in the AZ at a place that only has power during the daytime. I can run the the fridge alternating btw propano and 110. We have an ICECO freezer on the way, to allow us to load up on...
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    YOLANDA...My Turbine Princess build 03 7.3 E350 pop top 4x4

    I keep thinking I need to hand fit a couple of the stock replacement parts on the front of my van as I don't think they have seated properly. I just don't know how to go about figuring out what reamer I would need. It may be easier just to get another set of new parts all from the same...