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    Picking a truck to use for a custom build (1-ton vs. 2-ton, gas vs. diesel)

    I just finished a 2500 mile trip with mine. AVG MPG 11.6. I have 4.44 gears and I set the cruise at 65mph. 2020 Ram 5500 with 6.7 cummins. This rig works well for me. Easy to boon dock etc. I don't know the other 2 rigs in the pic, they were just there at the same time. They were prob...
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    New for 2022? GXV and EarthCruiser hints

    I ordered my Ram 5500 and put full 4 link kelderman air suspension on it front and rear, CMSK bed. Then attached a 2022 Host Cascade to it. Great rig. Can sleep 4 easy but we only really need 2. Around $160K total, but prices less than a year later are even higher, assuming you can even...
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    If your careful loading it you should be able to stay under with a 3500. You can air down 19.5 a little. Just have to watch the beads.
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    I most likely will at some point. I did on my last flat bed. Still looking around to see whats best and waiting for better weather.
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    Realistic weight or length limits?

    Big can work just fine. Flat tow a new JLR behind you and you can go just about anywhere you want. Outfit it for camping like I did and you can stay. Of course once it gets dark you can't see much anyway so head back to some comfort. It has worked for 30 years for me. YMMV
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    Insurance for hard side truck campers

    I have been with USAA since 1987. They quit doing RV's awhile ago. They send you to progressive. USAA hasn't been what they once were for about 15 years now. I only have 3 vehicles with them anymore. I have 12 total. They don't have near the pricing they used to and service is crap...
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    Jeep Wrangler as a TOAD?

    Road master sterling tow bar. I'm on my second one. Replaced first one under warranty after 100K miles of towing. Works great. I use a surge braking system.
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    Jeep Wrangler as a TOAD?

    Yes with 2 diff units.
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    custom spacers for truck camper

    Super nice work!!
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    Thoughts on the Truckhouse Tacoma expedition camper...

    I would prefer a truck chassis. Much stronger 4x4 and way better engine options. Suspension, tires, and wheels, many more options. Much, much stronger all the way around.
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    Angled rear panel as fashion

    There is a lot of "what looks good " in overloading vehicles. Lift kits and giant tires for one. Here in north america 99% of your driving will be on paved or graded roads. If you want the lift and tires go for it. Not very comfortable on the highway when your trying to get 1800 miles away in...
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    Rare Toy Hauler Adventure Rig (Build)

    I love this build!
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    camper showers?

    I have a 10.5 camper with built in dry bath. we love it and will not use anything else. It's way to easy to just use it everyday. With 65 gal fresh tank, water is not an issue.
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    My gauges show about 71PSI at all 4 corners when the camper is on. This of course changes as I drive because the computer keeps the truck at a certain ride height. I have 3 pre set ride heights. I run in the middle one. Then one high and one low for loading/unloading.
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    2021 Ram 5500 with 2022 Host cascade

    I have followed your build from the beginning.