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  • Why do you have a pic of Roberto Clemente?

    He's my all-time favorite athlete (I was born in the 'Burgh). What a wonderful player and human being.
    i dont think so. no one in our group pulled a ticket. hanna flies in from NYC for every game, and thought foar enough ahead to reserve a flight and room at the beginning of the season, but, i dont wanna spend that kinda cash on a secondhand ticket. small chance ill go just to make a mini vacation out of it and drink at some bar.
    see me next season, ya aint goin to Sunday, the "ill go to a playoff game because it popular, not cause i really wanna go, GF" is going with me. if ihear "its cold" one more time shes going over the edge.
    Heck yeah, I'd go back home to Pittsburgh in a second. I'll buy you a case of arhn if you take me to a game...
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