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    80 Series Maintenance costs?

    It was an expensive truck new, and now its old. What's your gut saying? "if you have to ask..." ?
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    SOLD 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi Poptop Camper

    Yea, there's zero chance of building this for that money.
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    I recall an article by Csaba Csere discussing the cost of options on cars, and would you rather have a civic with all the options on a mid grade accord that cost less. I think if you look at the size of the truck, that’s the discussion being proffered by any critique, and actually started by the...
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    1995 Discovery for sale - low miles $2900

    looks like a nice home for a 300tdi and 5 speed.
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    1999 7.3 UJoint Sportsmobile $60k

    When caveat emptor wont scrub the guilt away, you shoot for plausible deniability.
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    My 2013 Land Cruiser 200 (full overland build) LIVE auction on C&B

    Maybe consider cleaning it up by deleting everything, what remains makes no sense.
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    SOLD.... Modified NAS 1994 Land Rover Defender-Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel & Alu Cab Icarus rooftop conversion.

    That would be the “SheZimm is leaving, Zimm is done with SheZimms, and Zimm is checking out”, old man bachelor pad. Unfortunately, there appears to be something wrong with this one, as she’s not leaving. No sale.
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    Agreed. I’d prefer the gasser in this. The LS engines are generally bomb proof and if fuel cost is not an issue, and you can squeak on an extra 1/3 capacity, you get the bonus of general fuel availability. There are tq and efficiency advantages to oil, but it’s not the show stopper some seem to...
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    Sweet Deal - 2006 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Class C RV CX

    everything about these is nice... except I like to sit across from someone at the table for morning coffee, petty I know.
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    New Bronco

    using the online config system, I cant see how one can get the manual with either lockers or35’s i think waiting for a spell and seeing what aftermarket gear comes out, will be the way to go. I see buying a base truck in 7speed and adding on wheels, gears tires flairs etc as the way to go if a...
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    Thoughts on an 1986 isuzu trooper 2.2 diesel

    They throw rods. I have an RS gasser and I just use it to commute and local fun. I would not consider a gen 1 for overlanding unless it’s the challenge of parts availability you want.