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    True Trac vs Open Diff

    I've studied the gear type limited slip units. It looks like they won't work in reverse and act like an open diff?
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    Let's See Custom Center Consoles

    Thinking of adding storage below the center seat on my 2013 Ram Club Cab. There's a huge dead space between the floor and cushion. I'll probably make a sheet metal box for that space and put a stock looking cushion on the top. The stock arm rest is good, so I'll remount that. Hope to come up...
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    Utility Bed and Slide in Camper

    The stock bed is designed to carry the load low, with no up lift. A tall camper and a lot of off-road will really work that sheet metal. My 2001.5 Dodge had only 6 - 3/8 bolts. The newer 2013 long bed used 8 larger bolts, maybe 10 mm. It took some time to adapt the flatbed to the almost flat...
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    Utility Bed and Slide in Camper

    If you like the FourWheel camper and need something more custom, take a look at All Terrain Campers in Sacto. Everything they build is custom, said they have never done the same thing twice. Also, what about doing a flat bed instead of a service body. Huge improvement in interior size and...
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    Ram 2500 XL for overland / expedition trips

    On sway bar disconnects - seems you could easily cut the sway bar in the center and weld on a couple of levers and a support sleeve. Then it would be just one bolt to disconnect it and let the levers swing past each other.
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    Any longtime riders quit for good?

    My best tip: don't sell your riding gear. Keep one complete set, just in case. You may want a ride again. Then, in seven years, if you haven't used it, throw it all out. If you can.
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    Isuzu NPR 4x4 Expo build

    Yup, Dave here. I like this setup. I've been dreaming about my last RV build. Mitzi FUSO or an NPR with fourwheel drive. Do you have any more detail on how much work to put in the front axle? Would the axle work with a diesel? The camper looks great. Is it painted or skinned with metal...
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    Isuzu NPR 4x4 Expo build

    Good Job BB.
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    Front shocks ranch or bilstein?

    If this is a work truck with widely changing loads - I'd say Rancho 9000's. You can dial in the exact damping for smooth highway, two track or a heavy tall load. I've used them over the last 30 years on my trucks. Guaranteed for life (if you keep the original reciept), good luck getting any...
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    Enclosed utility bed custom

    Yeah, gottcha. How about ARE? Are they still in business? They had a cabover 'shell' that sit on top of the bed with double doors, all alum. Maybe they could do one for a util--bed. Too bad Gem-Top doesn't do cab-overs. I really liked my contractors cap with the swing up side doors for...
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    Enclosed utility bed custom

    There was a 'low' utility bed that allowed a slide-in camper, like the Four Wheel or Phonex (sp?) pop-up. Much better mileage. Here's the thread>