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    The PPG1000 Portable Power Station is Coming Soon!

    It's coming soon, like very soon! Learn More
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    Maximize Your Dash Space with this MicroMobile Custom Installation

    Off-road enthusiasts, Overlanders, and even Farmers are making the switch from their CB radios to GMRS mobile radios, like those from the Midland MicroMobile line. Our newest MicroMobile, the MXT275, puts all of the communication power right in your hand. The fully-integrated handheld mic means...
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    Memorial Day Sale - Save 20% Sitewide

    Save 20% on MicroMobile's, walkie talkies, CB radios, weather radios, accessories & more!
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    DBR2500 Dual-Band Radio Now Available

    Click here for more information.
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    New GMRS Handheld Two-Way Radios Now Available

    HIGH POWERED. REDESIGNED. Communicate with confidence with the new X-Talker T290 & T295 GMRS Two-Way Radios. LEARN MORE
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    6 Things You Should Know About FCC Changes for FRS and GMRS Radios

    These FCC changes were made in September 2017 but we figured we should share them as we still get tons of questions regarding how our two-way radios are classified. READ HERE
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    Maximize Your Dashboard Space with this Custom Installation of the MicroMobile MXT275

    We caught up with our overlanding friend, Taco Pro Matt, about his custom installation of his new MicroMobile MXT275. He shared his step-by-step instructions for his custom install including a gain antenna and in-dash plug in for the mic. READ ARTICLE HERE
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    All About GMRS Radio, General Mobile Radio Service

    Eric with HAM Radio Concepts who has over 42,000 YouTube subscribers gives a great explanation on the capabilities, including repeater access, and specific applications for GMRS.
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    How to Turn Your MicroMobile Into Your Own Base Station

    Converting your MicroMobile into a base station is easy! All you need is an external power supply and you’re ready to go! Click here to read more.
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    Say Goodbye to Your CB Radio

    Being the first manufacturer of CB radios we definitely know their value but also know that they are limited to 4 watts of power by law. That's why we decided that we needed an alternative with better range, and to be compatible with FRS/GMRS walkie talkies. Enter the GMRS MicroMobile Two-Way...
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    Save 25% or More on MicroMobile Two-Way Radios

    Hey Expedition Portal Members! We are running our Cyber Monday Sale thru Monday at Midnight! Save 25% or more on MicroMobiles plus 25% on everything else sitewide. Use code: CYBERMONDAY18 at checkout plus Free Shipping on orders over $100. SAVE BIG on our MXTTR & MXTTR Bundles! MXTTR -...
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    25% Off Black Friday Sale

    Hello Expedition Portal Members! Head on over to for great Black Friday Deals! Enjoy 25% off sitewide using promo code: BLACKFRIDAY18 at checkout plus Free Shipping on orders over $100. SHOP NOW Deal ends Friday at Midnight.
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    Pre-Black Friday Sale: Save 25% Sitewide!

    Expedition Portal Members Enjoy 25% Off Sitewide! If you've been looking to purchase a 5, 15, or 40 Watt GMRS MicroMobile or a pair of two-way handhelds now is the time! Supplies are limited so we wanted to offer this discount to you before the general public! USE PROMO CODE: PORTAL25 at...
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    Running GMRS? Wait, What are the FCC Rules?

    We strongly believe that GMRS will be the "new" CB in the near future. So, what do you need to do to be compliant with the FCC? Check out the article Why Do I Need a GMRS License & How Do I Get It?
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    Why You Should Replace CB With GMRS

    Check us out on the The 4x4 Podcast! Our discussion on GMRS and MicroMobiles starts at the 37:50 mark! We discuss why we think that CBs need to be completely replaced with GMRS radios in the off-roading and overlanding scenes. Thank you to Rich, Dan and Craig for letting us come on the show...
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    End of Summer Bundle Sale Extended Through Labor Day

    The End of Summer Bundle Sale has been extended through Labor Day! Save up to $75 on a MicroMobile bundle! SHOP NOW
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    Save More Than 35% During Our End of Summer Bundle Sale

    Save more than 35% on a MXTTR MicroMobile Bundle! (Deal ends 8/31/18 or when stock runs out) SHOP NOW
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    Midland MXT275: No Dash Space? No Problem.

    The MXT275 is a full 15 Watt GMRS Radio with a fully integrated control microphone perfect for vehicles with limited dashboard space. Top features include 8 repeater channels, NOAA Weather Radio, low profile hide away head unit. All MicroMobile radios are compatible with Midland FRS/GMRS...
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    Midland MXT275 Pre-Sale Ends Tonight

    Last chance to Pre-Order your MXT275. The Pre-Sale ends at 11:59pm CT tonight. Click Here for More Info