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    Midland MXT100 GMRS Mini Review

    Hello All, I recently participated in an adventure with Mountain State Overland on their video shoot for Season 3. As a burgeoning presence in the Overland video scene, they were sponsored by a number of significant companies, not the least of which was Midland USA. Because of that sponsorship...
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    DRAM 2, Dirt Roads Across Maine.

    ad·ven·ture noun \əd-ˈven-chər\ : an exciting or dangerous experience : danger or excitement Those on the Eastern shores of the United States often turn their gaze toward the North when the topic of adventure and the unknown wilderness creeps into water cooler conversation. As one enters the...
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    A Nova Scotia Family Adventure; Monsoon Edition

    Day 1 The stage was set for an amazing time. I had just finished a marathon session of fabrication and modifications for our camper van "Boomer", the 2 year old and 4 year old had their babies dressed for the road, complete with bottles and extra dipes, and my wife was at the end of planning...
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    Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper

    Boomer the Quadravan 4x4 Camper - Full Build Thread For those of you who have been here awhile you'll recognize Boomer. For those who don't, this is it... Boomer, The Beginning. Chapter 1 So I was driving down a road up north where we used to live and there was this van for sale. It looked...
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    F700 4x4 Forestry Truck

    No affiliation, but if I had money, I wouldn't be posting this for everybody else to snatch up.... This is about 30 minutes from me if somebody wants a pair of eyes to take a close look (if you're SERIOUS about bidding...with a serious bid!)...
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    Revcon Motor Coach

    Has anybody heard of these guys before? Their rigs look pretty damn awesome... Spence
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    IH 6x6 on ebay....

    No affiliation.... I wish I had an extra $30k around....this thing would be AWESOME!!!