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  1. Vandy

    Parts compatability?

    Does anyone know offhand if a set of OEM side bar steps from a '16 doublecab tacoma will bolt up to a 14 4runner?. I've got a set on my truck, and want to swap out for sliders. My wife wants a set of steps on her 4runner. I figure I can "justify" sliders if I give her my steps
  2. Vandy

    Need some advice.

    My wife has been on me to get her back into a truck/suv. It's taken me about 6 months to strategically steer her into a 4runner. My thinking is that I want one, she looses interest every 2/3 years, then I'll take over ther 4runner and get her what ever is next on her list. Anyhow. I've got...