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    ~~BornFree Class B RV factory 4x4 Quigley RV One of a Kind Ford Video and Pictures~~

    What's the interior height? Got any pics of the short buses?
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    I have to ask why you would want to go to the trouble of putting a slide in camper on a gooseneck without a flatbed behind it? It seems like you're trying to build a short camping trailer at that point which there are probably millions of already made. I think it would be a lot easier to beef...
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    FS 2014 Grandby four wheel truck camper. (used 1 month)

    Safe to assume this sold since I can't find it on Craigslist?
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    show us your truck bed trailers

    How cheap? I want the whole truck...
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    Mobile base camp build

    Figured I'd throw up some pics since we've been back for a couple of weeks now. Life has a way of whisking you from one activity to another without a moment's breath in between. We're expecting our first child in October, and it has been all hands on deck since we got back. Anyway, back to...
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    Mobile base camp build

    Cool to see some people are still interested. I'll post some pics and details when we get back from our trip. We left July 2nd and we return home on Monday. We've been to South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah along with all of the various states in between home and the west...
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    The Need for a Lock and Roll Hitch When Overlanding

    I'm also in the "2" ball should be fine" camp. I built my trailer with intentions of using a pintle or offroad style hitch, but have yet to find the limitations of the 2" ball setup I threw on in a hurry for a trip 5 years ago. We have wheeled several trails outside Ouray, CO and in the...
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    Mobile base camp build

    Anyone still following this thread? I finally painted it and made some updates, just wondering if I should bother posting them.
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    Mounting an awning on a trailer...need ideas

    Thanks. I'd seen those before. I don't like the way they stick up above the rest of the trailer all the time, so I'm trying to sort out an alternative. Here's a pic of the trailer it's going on for reference.
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    Mounting an awning on a trailer...need ideas

    I have a Foxwing that I'd like to mount on my utility body camping trailer. The problem is I need it to stand above the trailer when deployed, but sit down low for travel. I also have to contend with deploying my RTT which would likely present a conflict. Anyone have a good solution or even...
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    40 Guy builds a 100 Series

    Drew, love what you're doing to your 100. I've finally gotten the wife's permission to make some tweaks to hers :sombrero: Have you considered adding a fold down table to the tire carrier? I almost want a tire carrier again just for the opportunity to have a table lol.
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    DRE's New FWC Project

    Good to know. The flatbed options are very tempting for the increased floor space and efficient use of space(no wasted space in the bedsides). Let me know when you wanna let yours go for what you have in it ;) Don, I honestly wish I had taken the trailer further. I still have it and may...
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    Blender, My LX450/FZJ80 + FJ45esk + GM + Land Rover crazy concoction

    Very cool build! I was reading along and saw where you got to that boss on the bell-housing that was in your way. I ended up doing the same thing on my L92/6L80 swap into a '94 80. Unfortunately that's about the last progress I made which was over a year ago :( Definitely loving the LT230...
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    DRE's New FWC Project

    Dude, I feel like I am always one step behind you. First the utility body camper, now this. I guess I'm 2 steps behind you now since I didn't go the enclosed trailer route haha. I've been doing a ton of research on FWCs and ATCs various flatbed options. I've got a '15 F250 CCLB that I want...
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    Blank canvas: F-250 PSD Camper Rig

    Nice rig! I pick mine up today :bounce: 2015 F250 Powerstroke CCLB. How does the "regular" white cap look on the platinum metallic white truck? I've been thinking about doing a little craigslist scavanging myself...
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    AND YET AGAIN: Paul and Mike Try to Build a Hard-Sided Do-It-All ADV Trailer

    I am excited to see what you two come up with. My build started with largely the same ambitions/requirements, and although my trailer is 90% functional, it is far from finished.
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    Mobile base camp build

    Yes to the pressure switch. The trigger for the relays for the compressors are wired in series through a pressure switch and a regular toggle switch. That way I can turn them off whenever I want, or I can let them shut off when the tank reaches the preset pressure(I don't recall the rating of...
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    Mobile base camp build

    Glad to know this thread has helped others. For the airlines, if you look at post #81 you will see two toggle switches mounted vertically at the top of the switch panel in the "mechanical closet." Those are actual air switches, they are solely pneumatic and have no electrical components...
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    Mobile base camp build

    In case anyone wants to see this in person, it will be at Overland Expo East this weekend. Unfortunately I will not be there myself. My brother is bringing it down behind his '13 JKUR I have not touched it since the last pictures in this thread, so it is still very rough around the edges but...
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    Flippac's, why open forwards instead of sideways?

    Good points all around. I'm thinking of going aluminum with struts instead of torsion springs. Now I'm wondering why fiberglass seems to be the material of choice for a lot of manufacturers. I'm going to guess cost of materials and the ability to make compound curves in the finished surfaces...