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  1. Nomads365

    CL Listing - Turn-key XPCamper V1e and 2017 Dodge Ram 3500

    Ready to go package! Take my friend Kevin's rig off his hands and go exploring!
  2. Nomads365

    Online listing for a new XPCamper v1 and Ford F350 Combo

    Wonder what the story is behind this setup? Brand new rig and XPCamper being sold. Wait time on a new camper is 12-18 months.
  3. Nomads365

    Kakadu BushRanger Camper Tent Trailer spotted on Craigslist in Vancouver BC.

    Spied a used Kakadu Camping BushRanger camper tent trailer on Craigslist today. We used to own a similar unit, though this looks like it has the upgraded off-road trailer. Pricing is in Canadian dollars, even more attractive in U.S. dollars. I'm sure Matt at Kakadu could advise on questions...
  4. Nomads365

    Anybody want to sell a ARRL Ham Radio License Manual?

    Anybody have a copy of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual that they no longer need? Just bought my first radio so I'm going to be studying for my technician test. I'm looking for a shipped price less than the one on Amazon.
  5. Nomads365

    SOLD! Kakadu Camping BushRanger 200 Camper Trailer w/Extras - Portland OR

    **** Trailer has been SOLD **** We have a new camper on order so our beloved Kakadu Camping BushRanger 200 camper trailer is for sale. This trailer camping setup is ready to go, and can be used for short or long trips, be it an overland rally, in a campground or your super-secret boondocking...
  6. Nomads365

    Found on CL: Sprinter Diesel 3500 DRW Pickup Flatbed Truck in Oregon

    This could be a cool platform (pun intended) for an overland rig. Too bad it's not 4WD.