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    The Alaskan

    Me and my wife just finished a 20 day WV to CA trip in are jeep cherokee, Now were planning are next trip which is Alaska in 2021, I know we have to have a larger vehicle for this trip so I bought these two. The quigley has been a pipeline crew van its entire life and has low miles but rough, so...
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    RTT trailer because I'm short

    I bought an RTT for are Colorado/Moab trip and I hated it, it wasn't a Rooftop tent it was a rooftop sail.. The jeep struggled in a headwind and gas mileage was noticeably lower. I'm also short and it was a pain climbing around on the jeep trying to get the cover on and off... Yes it's easy to...
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    WV to Moab, with some Colorado mixed in

    I drove my xj from WV to CA last year and ran the Rubicon trail, and I was hooked on the west. So this year we put together a Colorado/Moab trip. I spent the winter upgrading the things that gave me trouble on the Rubicon trip and my brother put together a MJ because he wasn't being left behind...
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    2004 suburban build

    I built a offroad teardrop last winter to pull behind my xj, just to run around the mountains of WV and explore. Now after camping in it for 3 weekends and a 5 night vacation we have decided we want to travel with it, and that means I'm going to have to get a different Tow rig since the xj isn't...
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    Shakedown weekend for Teardrop in Hocking Hills OH

    With temps in the mid 60's this weekend me and my wife Missy took the teardrop out for it's maiden run. We decided on Hocking Hills because it's a flat pull and easy on the xj (don't have it regeared yet). First time sleeping and cooking out of the teardrop was awesome, I've always worried that...
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    XJ and offroad teardrop

    I've only got a few years till my son graduates, that's when me and my wife are planning to do alot of exploring in are xj and the offroad teardrop I'm building. Missy's (my wife) xj was loosing the battle with rust after 10 years of trail use so I started her a new jeep out of a low miles, rust...