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    New Northstar TC650 and 2013 Toyota Tundra

    Congrats enjoy it
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    Post Pics of Your Hard Side Camper!

    Love the 650 on tundrA keep us posted I have a tundra and 805 lance and will get a 650 when I can find one used Enjoy it
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    PENDING SALE: Customized 8' slide-in Camper with Woodstove for small truck bed like Tacoma

    Great little camper well worth money Wish it was east coast
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    Yetti's 2007 outfitter APex project.

    Use mineral spirits it usually works Warm it up a bit with heat gun then mineral if it doesn’t come off at first
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    1968 Siesta hard side pop up restoration.

    Congrats looks awesome
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    All Terrain Campers - Panther

    Congrats looks great . Enjoy building it out
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    STREGA's Bundutec Flatbed Bunducamp Popup Build.

    Very nice happy camping
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    Taking off till next spring
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    Bundutec Hardside Campers BunduVry?

    Pic of this awesome camper please
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    Great camper open to reasonable offers
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    I will take 8,500 without fridge and awning. I have original ice box you can put back in. It also comes with scissor steps too only a year old and porta potty if you want . Need room
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    What is this junk
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    Only camper left , come get this wonderful camper and enjoy it. If anyone wants it I will take 500 off if you can grab it this weekend need room for my other one .
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra Here are more pics
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    Have it shipped or drive out and enjoy it on the way back
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    07 hawk - 07 tundra

    Can own it asap .