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    Keeping your vehicle cool

    Someone, somewhere on the forum quoted a study that determined white is the best color to reflect heat. More specifically, a white roof. Tests using white on the sides of a truck canopy showed marginal improvement but white on the roof was able to drop temps at the surface by as much as 25*...
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    Perfect off-highway tire = LTX? What?

    Local tire guy tried to talk me into these but no, didn’t look tough enough for the truck. Went with Toyo AT2s. Good tire but began hearing good things about the Michelins. Wife’s Suburban goes through tires like Patton’s “crap through a goose”. Me thinks I’ll be putting these on the Suburban...
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    New trucks and 4low...

    FWIW: wife’s 2010 Suburban has the 4auto option along with the 4hi/lo. I’ve used it successfully in two types of situations. Dirt/gravel roads where rears spin a bit here and there and I don’t want to engage 4hi due to steering bind. Also, freshly plowed snow roads with same steering concerns...
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    Rubber boot between truck and shell

    You could use a clear wrap/vinyl gasket on the cab portion where the boot meets it. Would protect the paint.
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    2005 F-450 4x4 Utility Body w/ Starcraft Pine Mountain Lonestar Pop-top Camper

    I’ve come to believe that the utility bed with a camper may just be the best setup. Plenty of storage outside that’s readily accessible and frees up space inside. Really like the rig. 👍
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    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 "Marge" Project

    Sounds like you’re having fun doing your research. The 285 is a good size for all around use but you’ll notice a bit more bottom end sluggishness due to the increase. The 5.9 does well though, with its relatively low (for a gasser) peak torque coming in around 3300 rpm IIRC. Tires: consider...
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    Your opinion please.

    You asked, so here’s my long winded response. With an RV, it’s not necessarily the miles, it’s the years. You mentioned that it’s low miles, which means it has sat a lot. There are two “mechanicals” to worry about: the chassis (engine, suspension, frame) and the house (structure, roof...
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    Looking for suggestions for 270 awning. Bunduawn?

    I have the Rhino Rack Batwing. I like it, especially at the price point. Look at ETrailer for deals on it. Also, check out my posts in for the limitations of this awning.
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    Your opinion please.

    Yup. That engine (along with the excellent 8.1) was found in tens of thousands of RVs over the years. But a large portion of reliability is up to the driver through maintenance and mechanical sympathy IMO. Edit: you will be having a mechanic look it over, right!?
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    2nd Battery in Truck Bed, How Did You Mount?

    At first I used an ordinary battery box from Walmart strapped to a piece of wood. I slid a portion of the wood under a large, heavy tool chest I used for movement observed. I recall seeing a pic of someone use a Front Runner WolfPack with the raised lid. That would be easily secured.
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    Your opinion please.

    Do you mean 454? Yup...6 mpg all day long, running solo, towing, doesn’t matter. Class C would be a bit better but not by much. You don’t buy these for their fuel efficiency. You buy them because they’re fun to go glamping with. We have a Class A with a Ford V-10. Same issue.
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    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 "Marge" Project

    I owned a ‘96 1/2-ton that I put 302k miles on before selling it to my mechanic’s son. Original 5.9 and trans so I know they can be reliable if looked after. I chased front suspension/steering issues for quite awhile...bigger track bar, steering box brace, coil spacers, longer arms, and then...
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    2019 GMC Serria 1500 AT4 feedback

    Ditto on the G80. My BIL has the 6.2 and loves it. He claims great MPG and it gets up and goes.
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    Fridge/freezer advice wanted

    First trip next week with my new Dometic CFX 75DZ..fridge AND freezer. So far so good in garage testing. Uses about the same amount of battery power as my ARB 50 liter.
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    Sleeping in my Xterra in bear country. Where should I keep my food?

    “however I'm failing to visualize how a bear would open up a locked Xterra and get into the food. Now I can. understand the bear getting up on the Xterra with two paws or maybe even taking a swipe at a window or something along those lines. However I feel it would be relatively safe compared to...
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    Need awning recommendations

    I also bought a Rhino Batwing from ETrailer last year. First trip out on the Mojave Trail, a sudden 30-second 40mph+ gust of wind origamied it before I could fully stake it down. 🤦‍♂️ Calm to dust devil in an instant. Snapped two of the Delrin hinge pieces without any replacement parts on hand...
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    Camper and Truck Photos

    sourdoughben...any interior pics?
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    Sleep 3 people in the back of a F150- what kind of basic camper?

    Find a BedRug for your model. Padded, super easy to clean, adds a bit of insulation, can put sleeping pads right on the floor. Easy on the knees for us old guys.
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    2500HD Service body

    33” tires (skinny is better IMO) and very minimal torsion bar crank. Don’t go wild, keep it as close to stock as possible. The service body is a great idea. I’ve considered a style line (very low) height service body with either a taller aluminum shell or an FWC/ATC camper on back as a just...