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  1. batmn77

    Orange Boxx PSD/Molle Panel Write Up/Review

    I’m back again, with another write up/review! This time, it’s on the Orange Boxx Fabrication PSD/Molle panel. I’ve followed their Facebook/Instagram for awhile, and love all of the customized stuff they do. I found a video online of how to install this, but it was cluttered and hard to...
  2. batmn77

    Rhino-Rack BatWing Review/Write Up

    After purchasing my Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform and Backbone system, I became hooked on the quality of their products. I found out they were releasing a new awning called the Batwing and that has lead us to where we are now. The Batwing Awning arrived in a long box, 100” to be exact. Initial...
  3. batmn77

    Rhino-Rack Install Write Up 5th Gen 4Runner

    This is my review on Rhino-Rack’s Backbone system and Pioneer platform. Go easy on me, as this is my first time writing such a detailed review on a product, but given the lack of information on this product and the 5th Gen 4Runner, I felt compelled to share. I ordered the 84”x49” (full length)...
  4. batmn77

    X-Traction Recovery Boards - New

    have a brand new set of these in the box willing to let go for $100 + shipping. bought for my wife's car but she doesnt want to keep them in the trunk.