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    Alternatives to Dynamat?

    I went with the Noico route and i bought a 1 inch roller at same time from amazon. I just put one layer on roof of my 06 Taco AC, took the tinny sound from rain out, and im a happy camper with a better sounding stereo. Going to do doors and back of truck next with a bit more deadening for next...
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    Canada - Roaming Rally 2019

    Anything like this in Western Canada? Alberta / BC
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    The Official Bacon Thread. (Got your attention?)

    Nothing like curing your own pork belly and then smoking it for a day. Mmmmm good eating
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    Mushroom Encounter while Camping

    take the shroom and put on white paper, leave over night if its a blueish purple color your in happy land. Lots of vids on Utube on this type of mushroom