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  1. Michael Slade

    Will you subscribe to Adobe CC?

    You need a fifth choice. Keep using Adobe's products but continue to use versions you purchased and own the license to use outright and have no plans to use the cloud. That's my choice. I have the CS5 Master Suite and am a beta tester for LR5. I won't pay no cloud fee even though I have close...
  2. Michael Slade

    Photoshop moving to cloud/subscription service only.

    Yes, that's quite a film. Personally I think the conclusion is flawed, but it's still an interesting film.
  3. Michael Slade

    Photoshop moving to cloud/subscription service only.

    Two things: 1. Use an older version of the software. 2. Shoot film.
  4. Michael Slade

    A Photographers vehicle?

    What's a photographers vehicle? Whatever you've got. Quit dreaming about what you don't have and go out and shoot. This thread has lots of cool trucks but the more you spend on the vehicle the less time and money you've got to go and photograph. If you care about the all...
  5. Michael Slade

    VW People....Check in!!!!

    No 4WD VW's anymore, but I have a 2001 TDI Golf and a 2005 TDI Passat Wagon. Would love to bring in a TDI Syncro Westfalia from Germany!
  6. Michael Slade

    A backcountry trip to Utah sells the wife on overlanding!

    Two things: 1. You married a keeper. What an awesome woman to want to share that adventure with you. 2. You had an awesome adventure. So glad that you cut your teeth in such an amazing part of Utah.
  7. Michael Slade


    I had a FREE 300TD sedan...complete. The 5-cyl. motor even ran well and I decided it would be too expensive. This will be fun/interesting to watch. Good luck!
  8. Michael Slade

    School me on buying a used canoe

    Oh I dunno...that Coleman has drink holders! I don't know if there's a particular 'way to go' on your first canoe. Just get whatever feels right knowing that you'll be able to sell it for pretty much what you put into it.
  9. Michael Slade

    School me on buying a used canoe

    Those paddles are way too long for a canoe. They are designed to be used on a Stand-up Paddleboard....IOW, you are standing on essentially a surf board and using that looooong paddle to move around with. The length is 52 inches and won't work for you. See if the seller has any paddles...I'll...
  10. Michael Slade

    School me on buying a used canoe

    That is a perfect starter canoe. Take cash, offer him $300 and have him throw in some beater paddles. I think it's interesting you and FAW3 have memories of the aluminum canoes being hot. I learned to paddle in northern Utah and only remember them being cold. That's a sweet little Old...
  11. Michael Slade

    School me on buying a used canoe

    Some thoughts: Aluminum canoes are cold as sin when you're sitting in them. Also, if you're fishing they transmit the tiniest noise into the water very, very well. Also when you bang against the sides when you're paddling (occasionally we all get sloppy/lazy), it's loud and broadcasts across...
  12. Michael Slade

    Vanagon Owners - check your wiring...

    Apparently they are prone to 'shorts'. Please act accordingly. I cried when I saw the photo.
  13. Michael Slade

    1992 Montero nicely equipped

    That is the first Montero I've seen that made me want a Montero. Dang, and in Portland too...we could come up and see friends if I was in a purchasing position. Good luck with the sale!
  14. Michael Slade

    g4 fully equipped challenge truck discovery 2

    IIRC the G4 vehicles were staged at each continent separately.
  15. Michael Slade

    1959 F100 4x4 Frankentruck

    Sweet gooey goodness in this thread.
  16. Michael Slade

    Two Summer Solo Exhibits - Utah

    Thanks Jay. I got a call from the Lee Library...they have space available to hang my show a month earlier than it's really going up on 6/11 rather than on 7/6. A month extra won't hurt I guess. :)
  17. Michael Slade

    Two Summer Solo Exhibits - Utah

    I am pleased to announce two upcoming solo exhibits of mine this summer. The first is work from my Great Salt Lake Photographic Survey. The work that I will be exhibiting has not been shown before and has a piece from 1998 as well as current work. All of the nineteen prints are from film...
  18. Michael Slade

    Praise to Equipt Expedition Outfitters and Nat. Luna split chargers

    Paul May lives up to his reputation...again.
  19. Michael Slade

    Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

    Camillo's studio = fabulosity. I wanna hang with him a little longer next time.
  20. Michael Slade

    Expeditions 7: Two Years Around the World on all Seven Continents.

    Holy crap, can't you guys be a little patient with the team? I mean hell, if all they did was update the website from their expedition they wouldn't be actually DOING any 'expeditioning'. Updating a website, editing images, generating text, this all takes TIME...of which there is precious...