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  1. Semi-Hex

    Wireless trailer interface

    I just returned from a very nice three day trip and had on two occasions, my trailer lights not working at all. I try to remember to check them at each stop and found they weren’t working while filling up with fuel. I un and ré plugged in the harness which made them work again but it is still a...
  2. Semi-Hex

    App or program to draw schematics.

    I've seen some really cool drawing of your wiring systems on this site and wanted to know what app or program you are using to draw these. I am looking for something that has the correct symbols for 12v dc systems, including fuses, buss bars and fixtures. I would like it also to be inexpensive...
  3. Semi-Hex

    Trailer harness problems

    I have a 4Runner and an having more than my fair share of truble with the seven blade harnesses that come stock with the truck. Because of the connector getting wet or corroding, I have intermittent connection. Yes, I've already replaced both sides in the four years I've been towing trailers...
  4. Semi-Hex

    How hot can a setup get?

    Since I've been reading these threads, I've noticed that a few of the wiser members mentioned that you need to be careful how hot these setups can get. Well, Morningstar has a non resettable thermal breaker (I think) and am now concerned. We do most of our traveling in the West and Southwest...
  5. Semi-Hex

    Zamp versus Renogy

    Right now, I have a three panel Harbor Freight solar panel setup. Seriously, it works very well at 45 max watts (I have gotten a high of 2.87 ap) and for what I use it takes about three to four hours to recharge my 105 ah agm battery. My issue, you ask? well, it is too big to fit on the top of...
  6. Semi-Hex

    Kayaking fools

    Well, it was 75 F today and the reservoirs have been rising over 65 feet this spring. We decided to give our new inflatable kayaks a spin. It's been years since I've kayaked and my woman has only kayaked once before. We had a blast. They were a little wobbly when we first started but we soon...