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    Free foam shim

    I no longer need this piece of 4x8x2.5" blue board that I used to shim up my camper. It is one 2" blue board, with a 1/2" piece taped to it. Hate to put it in the dumpster, but I need it gone. Free local pick up in South Boulder. Text me if you're interested. seven two 0 298-2242. Its...
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    Structure repair questions, Fleetwood Caribou

    I have a Fleetwood Caribou, I believe from '98. It has the worst rot under the fridge, compromising the hold down, and really all the undersides of the raised bottoms are failing as is the rear floor where it extends beyond the bed. Its the 11-6 variety with a big rear overhang. I just put a...
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    Mony Vs Poly panels.

    So, I had mostly decided that I wanted mono panels, then must have mis read the ones I pulled the trigger on, and ordered poly unintentionally to save a few bucks. Does it matter? I bought 2 Renogy 100 W poly panels to put on my TC. I think they were $115 each. I can send them back and get...
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    questions about Flatbed loading/mounting

    I am getting a Bradford steel flatbed. It is 8' x 8-6. It is going on '05 Ram Dually. Presently have a Fleetwood Caribou that will sit on it. I already use 6x6 blocks under the jacks on my sloping driveway. This part scares me. Might make a steel pedestal if I need more like 12" of bonus...
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    Converter fan running any time I'm plugged in?

    The converter/ charger has a small fan that runs anytime my Fleetwood caribou is plugged into shore power. Is this normal? It makes me not want to leave it plugged in for long, so I use a genius charger instead of the stock unit. If I need to replace this unit, what should I be looking for...
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    Structural questions, '98 Fleetwood Caribou

    I bought this camper just this summer, knowing it had "some" water damage, but it turns out to be a bit worse than I first realized. In particular the undersides of the rails are delaminating and the front passenger side anchor point is pulling loose. How are these things framed, and what is...
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    roof racks for a Fleetwood Caribou?

    My new to me 95 caribou needs some real roof rack cross bars to carry kayaks and a ski box. How are people fastening rack towers to truck campers? Should I just get some aluminum angle and bolt right to the rain gutters? I'd like to do two bars both front and rear that go the full width of...
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    caveating water pump?

    Sorry I cant edit the auto corrected title. Should read cavitating, which apparently isn't a word. Cavitate doesn't seem to be a word either, though cavitation clearly is. I just replaced my water heater in an older lance, (with a used one that I can't get to light, but that is another...
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    Side view mirrors mounted to the cab over?

    I have an '89 lance 11.3 on a 96 F350. The power mirrors on this truck are tiny and not safe for the wide camper. I put the cheesy CIPA extenders on in a pinch, and they are all but useless. I have not found an aftermarket power mirror that fits, and if I did, they'd likely be $300 for just...
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    X2 batteries for camper? from Batteries Plus

    These are sold at Batteris plus. looking to get a new battery for the truck camper, and eyeing up the sli27fa AGM battery. spendy at $305. I can fit this in the single battery compartment, or I could add it in the wheel well and keep a "regular ' lead battery up in the vented cabinet. It...
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    What pad/ insulation for between truck and camper?

    I picked up an older Lance this summer, and need to get it outfitted on on truck for winter. I also have a new to me 96 F350 that it will be full time on. In the past I've had a 1/4" rubber bed mat between the camper and my Ram, but said mat will be staying with the dodge as the daily driver/...
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    leaking water heater- Lance

    My water heater sprung a leak. guessing the tank itself has rusted through, as it doesn't appear to be from any f the connections. The tank is buried inside a galvanized box, and i see drips out the corner of said box. I can not seem to tel how this thing is mounted. The access panel from...
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    Converting an NPR to 4x4?

    I've just bought a 99 NPR, with an 11' utility bed. Its not yet decided if this will just be a work (construction) truck, or if it will be my long dreamed of camper conversion. Its drawbacks are that is is 2 door and 2WD. It is a Dually. Even running Duratracks, it seems to get stuck easily...
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    Options for replacing roof top AC?

    MY AF990 has a roof top AC only unit that has a crack or hole in the front of the housing, presumably form a tree branch. I'd like to remove this unit, and may just block it off, but I'd prefer to replace it with something lower profile and more functional. Most of my use is winter, so AC is...
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    New to Hardside-couple questions

    After three years and 100+ nights (mostly winter skiing) in the pop top Skamper, we just got an Arctic Fox 990. Planning to use this over the winter and contemplate what is the right compromise between these two extremes, and hoping to do a custom build of some sort before too long. It is a...
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    Custom tent maker?

    Has anyone worked with a tent company to make a one of a kind tent that is similar in design to a flip pack, but significantly bigger, four season, and with decent windows?
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    Ventless heaters

    I recently was given a MR heater Buddy heater. I love the quiet heat, but have concerns about ventless. I do run CO detector and the unit has auto low O2 shutoff. What other battery free heaters make sense for use in a camper? the Blue flame units that I've read about dont work at higher...
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    Safe snow loads on Heco, and any maintenance?

    I use my pop up mostly in the winter and always hope for snow to ski on. Anyone know how much weight these things can really handle while up? I'm looking at 90 square feet of snow load. It would certainly be a painful death to be in the cabover bed when it collapsed from snow weight. Does...
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    100s roof fix w/pics

    From aquiring this thing with basically no roof, to rebuilding it, coating it with bedliner, and adding the gas lifters, it is officially on the road.
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    4 jacks instead of 3?

    I assume cost is the main reason so many pop ups only have 3 jacks, but of course any three points are always in the same plane. with 4 you'd probably need to move from jack to jack with less raise on each one, right? My one side jack may be getting soft at the mounting point, and was thinking...