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    Group Buy: MaxTrax

    I am in for one pair. Thanks for setting this up.
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    Overland Expo West Rigs and trip reports

    That is a great looking truck, but there appears to be something wrong with the fridge. Appears to be filled with water and what might be some not-milk type product, or maybe coconut water. You better get some beer in there; I'm pretty sure beer is required for a refrigerator to function...
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    2018 Earth Cruiser EXP $290,000 Boulder, Co. USA

    Think of it as spending $275K on a house, and $25K on a vehicle. Seems like a bargain. I will be looking for that rig on the Western Slope this Spring.
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    2015 Provan Tiger Malayan

    I am pretty sure that vehicle has been listed for sale before and posted here. Same pictures, also in Vancouver area. Would be interesting to compare the current and past price and mileage. But this ad does not list mileage.
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    Viva Baja! First Timer's Baja Impressions

    Very nice trip report; thanks. I was paddling and camping in the islands off Loreto last January and it was intermittently very windy, and very calm. I found the app Windfinder useful for wind forecasts.
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    XP Camper V1 2016 Build #30 $129,500

    Bob can answer best, but in the event he is not checking here regularly, I believe he decided not to sell. He very graciously gave me the full tour and it is a very nice rig, so if it is for sale you should buy it.
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    SOLD - 2000 Ford E350 Sportsmobile EB50 7.3 28k mi

    Thanks; about 4 inches too tall. I need a bigger garage.
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    SOLD - 2000 Ford E350 Sportsmobile EB50 7.3 28k mi

    I know I am going to be disappointed in the answer, but how tall is this rig? And how long (although it is the tall where I am garage constrained)? Thanks
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    1993 Ford F350 7.3 4x4 Ambulance Camper Conversion. Price Drop.

    I have seen this vehicle in person and it is nicely done. Didn't quite work out for me, but it is well set up.
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    CAMPER IS SOLD! Loaded 2018 FWC Grandby and lithium setup and 94 F350 4x4 crew cab

    Nice setup. What is the total height when the camper top is down (how high a garage door opening do I need)? Not including the roof racks. Looks like maybe the awning is the high point.
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    2006 Earthroamer XV-LT For Sale - $150k - SOLD

    To the OP, I sent you a PM.
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    60' Expedition Yacht

    Wow. That is beautiful. I have dreamed of getting a motor trawler to serve as a mothership/base camp for sea kayaking, but this takes it to an entire other level. What is the draft?
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    One night in Tuktoyaktuk - our Northern Adventure

    Well, now that I know about this, I have to do this trip. Looks amazing.
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    Highway 1 Trip

    The Lost Coast is awesome. Or at least it was 30 years ago. Been meaning to get back ever since. I think we were at Sinkoyne Wilderness Park, but it looked like there was a lot in that area to see. Also, a bit inland is the small town of Lewiston; which was a nice place to visit.
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    FS: 2016 EarthCruiser FX #20 - SOLD

    Click on the wordpress link in the sellers sig, and that gives an update on his whereabouts. Looks like the vehicle is still available.
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    Winter of finding contentment

    Another great trip report; thanks for sharing. And after this and your last report, I am going to have to stop in Winnemucca next time I pass that way. I have always deliberately avoided "Win-and-run-amuck" but now you have me intrigued. BTW, a bit west of Winnemucca on I-80 is Rye Patch...
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    No, I did not buy it. I already have too many vehicles. Or maybe I have too small a garage, but at any rate no place to put it.
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    That was a great read, and very inspirational. Thanks very much. And I drove past the Series II Land rover today. Small world.
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    2018 San Rafael Swell North-South Traverse

    Thanks for that. The mountain bike trail that starts at the Wedge Overlook is a great ride. It is called the Goodwater Rim on the online MTB trial sites. About 15 miles of twisty single track right along the edge of the canyon. Very little elevation gain and loss; you can ride one gear the...
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    CL Listing - Turn-key XPCamper V1e and 2017 Dodge Ram 3500

    There is a used Earthcrusier for sale in the other forum for $320,000, so new ones must be well on their way to a half million pop-up. Look nice though.