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    Durango/Expedition/Tahoe - Chassis and Suspension differences?

    Hello, i know there are many people who after choosing one brand will always defend their one of the "big 3", but maybe someone got the chances to actually compare those trucks under rough conditions. All of em are body on frame based on their euivalent Pickup counterpart, but maybe there...
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    Iveco Massif compared to the Land Rover Defender?

    Hello, well we all know the Iveco got a stronger engine and is fully leaf-sprung, but does anybody know if it's got the same axles and the same frame as the Defender? Or is that stronger too? Greetings
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    Frame differences between the "normal" G-wagon and the chassis cap with increased GVWR?

    Hello, maybe someone over here knows the answer to this question, With US-Trucks it's pretty normal, that the chassis cab version has a very different frame compared to the pickup-version, since it has to be upfitter friendly. So those trucks usually have a classic open c-channel frame in the...
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    How to tell if you got a 233 or 260 rear axle in your patrol?

    Hello, is there any way to tell which one of the 2 possible rear axles you got under your Y60 or Y61 patrol? I am currently looking for one and it might help to decide between two trucks. In case of the LC 80 you could tell if it had full floater by how far the axle ends stuck out through the...
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    If you had to pick a modern day SUV for tougher travels, which one would it be?

    Hello! recently i am considering finally getting back to a bigger SUV, with which i like to travel a bit. Since i like to use some roads which are not in the best condition and since i am also not a big fan of driving really slow, i am looking for something tough. My first choic would have...
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    Old Leaf Spring Patrol frame vs. modern - how much did it change?

    Hello, i recently came across an old (82) leaf springed patrol online and was surprised, that it already got a boxed frame. It looked pretty much alike the frame of the old Toyota HZJ (or at the time BJ) 75. That toyota frame was 145x55x4mm so pretty small but with thick metal. This fram has...
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    Patrol (coil) vs. Land Cruiser HD (HZJ 79)

    Hello, since the big U.S. trucks seem to be less and less interesting the more i look into the dimensions and the available parts, maybe the japanese trucks are worth a try. Problem is: The HD Land Cruisers are pretty rare over here, while the normal J9/J12 are probably not as tough as the...
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    Ford F550 vs. Ram 5500

    Hello, i am thinking about using on of those class 5 trucks as a bse vehicle for an expedition truck, but since both are quite rare in europe, i like some input first. Both look pretty equal at first sight, both have a quite small 7.000lbs front alxe, but a massive 13.000lbs rear, both...