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  1. Chris Cordes

    The Expedition Portal 7.3L Diesel Excursion

    NO LONGER FOR SALE: SMOKEY IS HERE TO STAY For those of you who have been following my travels or this build, you’ll know that this Excursion has been my daily driver, my home, and my passion project for nearly three years now. After selling my last truck, I set out to create a vehicle I would...
  2. Chris Cordes

    White 2014 4Runner Trail Edition - Sold

    SALE PENDING Those of you who browse ExPo's front page will probably recognize this 4Runner. It's been in a slew of articles and for the last three years has been my daily driver and camping vehicle. Unfortunately with new projects in the works it is time to say goodbye to this trusty Toyota...
  3. Chris Cordes

    ExPo's 2000 7.3 Excursion Build

    Hey everyone! Looks like its time for a new build on Expedition Portal, and this time we've gone with a domestic full size. This is my first Ford but so far I absolutely love it. I have spent the last few months driving it stock on highways and backroads, towing an airstream, and feeling out the...
  4. Chris Cordes

    Compilation of specs and details for every soft-shell tent in the US.

    So usually I wouldn't post an article link here, but given that ive seen a lot of questions on prices vs features I thought it might be helpful. Please let me know if you have any feedback!
  5. Chris Cordes

    Factory diesel manual 60 series. Left hand drive with ARB bar. $6900! Thought it was too cool not to share
  6. Chris Cordes

    FS: Expedition Portal Range Rover Sport- 25K with 46,000 miles of warranty

    SOLD I After some seriously fun times and great adventures, I've decided to list our Range Rover Sport for sale. With three vehicles and an off-road trailer, our ability to drive these trucks can't keep up with our desire to own them haha. Since the Sport is fully paid shes the one to go. So...
  7. Chris Cordes

    Overland Journal Parts Clearout

    Well we have some new parts to sell as well as some that were listed before. Shipping is all dependent on the item and cost so if you're curious just post below and ask! Thanks everyone Set of four Toyo Open Countrys in 265/70/R17 - Practically new tires - used for one test - $400 - SOLD Set of...
  8. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: Verde Valley - Sample

    There are certain things that to quell any superstitions, you just don’t say. These “unmentionables”, are phrases that can turn an average day into a torrential downpour of unfortunate events. Examples would include any of the following; “what could go wrong”, “we won’t need the spare”, “I hope...
  9. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: Sedona - Sample

    Not just anyone can have an adventure these days. Long gone are the times when you could head out on the weekend with a few friends and a case of beers to enjoy the outdoors and escape the monotony of every day life. Today you have standards to uphold, requirements to meet, and gear lists to...
  10. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: Bill Williams Mountain - Sample

    Summer brings many things in Arizona; long days of sunshine, relentless heat, monsoon rains, and of course plenty of adventures. With the recent drought thrown into the mix and weeks since our last 36 hour excursion, Chazz Layne and I decided to grab the girls and head for the hills. The plan...
  11. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: Southern California - Sample

    Our first night of sleep back in the teardrop was a deep and restful one, something I was thankful for with the coming pain I was sure to receive this afternoon. You see, in a lapse of judgment I had agreed to take lessons in surfing—a sport in which you greatly benefit from small stature, a...
  12. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: Cerbat Mountains - Sample

    Simultaneously in the way and out of the way, a treasure trove of abandoned mining sites, springs, camps and panoramic views across three states hides in plain sight along the CANAMEX Corridor only a few hours outside Phoenix and Las Vegas. Like most of Arizona's "sky islands", the...
  13. Chris Cordes

    Cooper Discoverer: A Rim Rendezvous - Sample

    I'm sure it was already over 100°F/37°C when John and I tossed the last of the gear – and Bodhi, his Jack Russell Terrier – into the back seat and pulled away from his house that Friday morning. Despite being long term Phoenicians – and both driving trucks with AC issues – we were dripping with...
  14. Chris Cordes

    Well the news is out so here's the build: Expedition Portal So-Cal Teardrop

    We've recently acquired a 510 XS, So-Cals flagship trailer, to build and use. We've already started the process and just released our introduction. Check it out here! A few more pictures
  15. Chris Cordes

    Report from the VW Jerome Jamboree!

    Hey guys thought i would share!
  16. Chris Cordes

    Alright who owns a Helios Shower?

    So I bought a Helios Shower over the summer and I love it. Great to use and super compact. My only question for those of you using these all the time is how do you transport the water for it? I hate having to carry water in a separate container then pour it into and out of the Helios whenever I...
  17. Chris Cordes

    Mint condition lifted 4Runner. 120,000 miles $2000

    This looks like an amazing deal! Check it out guys! :peepwall:
  18. Chris Cordes

    Practically new Toyos and 17" Wheels

    I have two wheels and tires currently on my teardrop that have around 2000 miles on them. They are JK bolt pattern but I need toyota so I'm looking to sell or swap. Price is $400 OBO Location (Currently Los Angeles but soon to be Prescott AZ)
  19. Chris Cordes

    Wheels, winches, drawers, and sand mats? Ya we got em

    Hey guys we're clearing out more items from our inventory. Open House attendees got first dibs but now were opening up the remainder to the forums. Check out what we have below! Five Wheels and Spacers from Overland JK. Without spacers these fit a Grand Cherokee - $440 Red and Gray Sand Mats -...