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    XJ cherokee vs WJ cherokee

    @crawlnclimb- Yes, they're both unibody. The WJ is definitely stronger/stiffer. Sam
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    XJ cherokee vs WJ cherokee

    XJ's are more nimble on the trail, but only a real concern in areas with trees TIGHT on the trail, or deep V-notches. Not as soft in the rear when fully loaded as a WJ. As a "wheeler", a nod to the XJ. WJ's have a ton more room inside. Much less road noise, more driver comfort, crossover...
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    New to overland, need some advice

    WJ, V8, QuadraDrive, 245 70R17, 2.5" lift. That was my recipe for a solid, reliable, capable rig. Full size spare fits in the well still, nothing needed to correct geometry, a dream to drive on highway and mixed trail. I've only gotten winched up the waterfall at Grizzly Lake and the "wall" at...
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    2008 Grand Cherokee overland for snow wheeling

    Proper tires and lift appropriate for the depth of snow you plan to tackle. The QDII will do the rest.
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    2004 Grand Cherokee Overland

    Quadra-Drive and HO engine have worked WELL for me on the Limited! Reliable but expect to replace parts that have over 130K/Mi. I'm at 212K, about to rebuild engine because of typical head issue. Use the correct fluids in the T-Case, and axles, which seem to be the cause of a lot of peoples...
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    saw in Shanghai this morning

    Crew transport for remote location filming would be my guess....? Sam
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    Advice on finding the right adventure vehicle sub $5000

    WJ Grand Cherokee V8 and QuadraDrive or heavy duty tow package. HD tow package comes with Vari-Lok rear only and HD cooling (mechanical & hydraulic fans). 247 TCase is very responsive full time 4x4 with 4Lo capabilities.
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    Cooper ST Maxx vs BFG AT KO2

    Haven't been disappointed in the Maxx yet. They evacuate water/slush better than the interlocking center tread of the BFG KO (same tread as KO2), and a tough sidewall that still rides great. 245 70R17 E load range, 2004 WJ Grand Cherokee w/QuadraDrive no lift. Recent snow no issues street or trail.
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    XJ or WJ

    DubJ for all the reasons I listed in dan0's thread. XJ's are extremely nimble on trail, but the space and comfort in the WJ (especially with the grand kids+their gear) is a big win. Sam
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    2 Weeks in Colorado

    TexGX-Compared to the deer in the Carolina's, might as well be hahahahaha! Awesome pics MudderNutter, thanks for sharing. How'd you like your Cooper's on the trip? Sam
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    Tires Getting Spiked On Trail

    More and more of that happening. Here in Colorado too, where MJ is legally grown, mostly indoors. Eco-terrorists and anti-access crowds are getting more aggressive. Dirt bike, ATV/UTV, Jeep trails seem to be the target. Equestrian, mountain bike, and hiking trails have not been affected yet...
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    Getting High And, I Brought my Daughter...

    Great pics! I love taking my daughter on those scenic trails up there too. Enjoy! Sam
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    Co: Bonanza Off Highway Tour Route

    Awesome pics! How were the flowers? Sam
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    My homemade campfire cooking systems from Russia

    Looks better and better every time! Smart layout. Sam
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    Cooper AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak vs. BFG AT KO

    boss324^^^Looks good, and seeing more of those around. BFG AT/KO was the very first off-road tire I've ran, MANY miles of enjoyment under those. I'm really loving where the hybrid tread design is going. Manufacturers are really listening to the market needs. Sam
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    1973 Wagoneer - Full Size Camping Goodness

    Doc/Lumpskie: You guys have some great looking Old Iron, keep up the good work! Sam
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    The Traveling Trio

    Adventure on, my friend! Looks like y'all are doing it right. Sam
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    Cooper AT3 vs. Falken Wildpeak vs. BFG AT KO

    I'm running the 245/70R17 ST Maxx now, and the 235/70R17 AT3. You can feel the weight of the ST Maxx, but MAN have I been surprised by the on-road handling of the ST Maxx. It's been extremely wet here in Colorado, and hitting puddles you can feel the water evacuate while the tire plows...
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    XJ vs. WJ

    WJ all the way. I've run the XJ and ZJ also, and like those platforms, but feel the WJ offers a lot of product improvements that make them "better". Uni-body on the WJ is more rigid, thicker. Fairly flat and square "frame rails" make slider mounting easier. More comfortable interior and more...
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    Trial by Fire- FIDO expeditions gets underway-Snoverland Expo!!

    Awesome rig and adventure story! Thanks for sharing. Sam