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    popup trailer axle questions/issues

    So I have a popup trailer frame that I built a small trailer on. The whole setup weighs just under 2K lbs. The issue is that I think the axle is flipped so that bigger wheels can fit. Problem is that I believe that the axles by design are "bent" a bit so that under load they straighten and...
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    Securing 20lb gas tank by just bolting down through the base?

    Mostly pavement trailer - drilled holes in the angle iron frame the tank sits in and bolted it down with 3 3/8" bolts. Feels secure enough. Anyone can think of any problems doing that? Thanks
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    Wiring the solar charger controller questions

    I am finally getting ready to install the solar panels and the controller but I'm a bit confused as to how to wire it. It has three segments 1. Panel 2. Battery 3. Devices 1. Panel is self explanatory - it will go to the panels 2. Battery to batter for the charger 3. Devices - probably won't...
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    Failure of etrailer leaf springs?

    I have bought 3K lbs leaf springs from etrailer and after 4 or so trips they have wore out and one flattened out and other lne looks bent.... Had to build bumps stops out of 2x4s and used bailing wire to attach the bump stops to the spring by the frame (only spot where it had support...
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    looking for a short air shock

    something like this: but shorter
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    locking latch ideas/suggestions?

    Any suggestions on a latch to pull the door in tight to the trailer? I need to have it tight s that I can establish the weatherproof seal.
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    Folding faucet?

    Working on the kitchen slide and I am looking for a faucet that folds so that the slide with the sink can slide in without requiring too much clearance above. Any suggestions? Looking for budget :) Found this...
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    Small family trailer - stage 2 - kitchen

    So finally my schedule is somewhat winding down and now I will have more time to devote to the trailer. Plus my dad is back from his travels and he is the master carpenter in the family. Between his carpentry skills and my welding and fabrications skills we will have something workable. So...
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    Leaf Springs

    I know that I need to weigh my trailer still but I know that I definitely am not nowhere near in the 3500 pound range. I got those leaf springs because they fit the mounts on the frame that I got. So if I need to "lighten" so that I don't have the trailer bouncing from side to side - remove a...
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    JK locking gas cap or locking gad cap door

    Ok, heard some stories recently of folks ending up with contaminants in their gas tank. 3 unrelated incidents - one I think the owner of a vehicle pissed someone off the other two not sure what happened. In two instances the damage ended up being severe. This takes me to todays world and...
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    weatherproof outlet for 8 ~ 10 AWG

    I'm trying to come up with a way to charge the battery in the trailer and have two scenarios: - deployed external solar - "fat short wire" from the front of the JK I figure I am going to setup a outlet of sorts on the trailer into which I can plug solar or the jeep. From the jeep I am...
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    Foldable panel experience?

    So here's what I'm thinking. I want a solar panel for my trailer that's lightweight, easy to store and easy to deploy in a divorced scenario. Why? I spent 3 days in Sequoia and 3 days in Yosemite where the trailer was in total shade which is why I'd love to set the panel someplace in sun...
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    Anyone has the NOCO G3500 charger?

    I just realized that my other charger might be a wee bit small for the 31M battery that I'm using. So I am thinking about picking up the NOCO G3500 charger. I can get it for $50 to $60 on Amazon. Any thoughts? It'd be used to charge a 105AH Deep Cycle AGM battery.
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    Disconnecting the battery question

    So when I'm ready to disconnect the battery for "storage" - is it enough to disrupt the + or do I need to disconnect both leads?
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    GMRS? Baofeng?

    so I hold a license and picked up a pair of Baofeng 888+. Cheap feeling radios and one is working great while the other one won't receive..... so, back to Amazon they go and I'm shopping for replacements. Part of me knows that I get what I pay for and $25 for a pair of radios with chargers is...
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    AGM battery issue/recommendation?

    So I have a problem. The AGM battery I have does not seem to want to hold a charge anymore. It drops to 10.4V 5 days after charging completes. It's still under warranty but Amazon does not have them in stock so instead of replacement they gave me a refund and told me to hold on to the battery...
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    Tongue setup dilema

    So here's thd deal. I mainly tow with the JK which had a complication of a swinging gate. Granted it is only complication because I want to have access to the back of the jeep when I tow. Anyways, with the gas tank in center I had to turn the jeep a bit to have a wider access so I was fairly...
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    Tailgator generator?

    Anyone used one? Thoughts?
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    Dometic 2 way 110 l.p. wont start on lp

    Halfway through the trip I swapped out the tanks. Now the fridge won't start on l.p.. I can't hear the starter nor do I see the flame. Its a year old fridge (don't have model number handy). I pulled over and connected inverter to onboard battery not to lose food. I will test voltage To...
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    Trailer bouncing from side to side

    Narrow in boarded tent trailer frame with a stand up 6 foot box on top. Had to slow down and pulled over as it scared the crap out of me. Wondering if I need shocks? Setup is fairly light. I'm halfway to sequoia from la......