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  1. DrMoab

    DrMoab's long overdue M416 thread.

    Ever since I bought my trailer people have asked me "Do you have a write up on that?" Since I didn't built the trailer I never really felt like I could do an actual built thread but I figured maybe it was time to show it off a little. We bought it from a guy on IH8Mud who had just built it but...
  2. DrMoab

    Facebook page for trailers.

    Not sure how many of you are Face Space people but I started a page a month or so ago that is just for expedition and off-road trailers. I'm trying to post a few interesting photos and trailer builds a day but I'm quickly running out of material. I can't keep posting the same photos of my rig...
  3. DrMoab

    Camp toilet modifications

    Got a buddy riding along on a week long adventure in Nevada this may. He has a disability that won't allow him to squat down quite as low as most camp toilets (PETT, Walmart el-cheapo ect.) requires. I'm looking to modify one that sits up higher and is a little more stable than the flimsy 3 leg...
  4. DrMoab

    For Sale. Spot 1 Locator

    :::::::SOLD::::::::: SPOT 1 LOCATOR. Very little use. Its always worked flawlessly. Bought a unit that works with my phone so I don't have a use for it anymore. $65.00 shipping included to the US. Pm me if your interested.
  5. DrMoab

    Best Garmin dashboard GPS

    Which Garmin GPS would be best suited for my needs? I've got quite a bit of money tied up in Garmins proprietary topo 24K maps that I've been using on my old 60CSX but I want to move to a dash mount, wide screen unit. Are there any Nuvi units that will allow me to upload the topo maps along...
  6. DrMoab

    Building the worlds best firestarter...

    So, you head out to your favorite camp spot, in the rain and it's cold and you want a fire. You light a match but it just goes out. You throw some gas on but it blows up in your face and leaves you looking like a cancer victim for a month. A road flare sometimes works but you will lose all your...
  7. DrMoab

    Blue FJ spotted

    At a truck stop in Twin Falls Idaho yesterday. Nicely built Blue FJ, ham antenna, matching blue Chaser trailer with white lid and a RRT. Was this anyone from here? I couldn't catch the plate so I don't know what state they were from.
  8. DrMoab

    Spot Connect for android and iPhone. $135

    New in box. It actually hasn't arrived from the shippers yet. Here is the deal. I needed one this weekend and ordered this one from a company at a deep discount. They took over two weeks to process the order. Since I needed it, I had to order another one from a reputable place and canceled my...
  9. DrMoab

    Nikon speedlight help.

    My wonderful wife bought me an SB-600 speedlight for Christmas. I was under the impression that I could use this flash wirelessly using the IR features of my D80 but for the life of me I can't get it to work. I have both the flash and the camera set to the same channel and the same group. No...
  10. DrMoab

    365 Project...with a twist.

    If anyone of you know me personally, you know that I am a guy who hates fads. I hate them with a passion. If you do know me personally you probably think it's weird that I would go on this particular journey since it seems to be the popular thing to do these days. I decided a month or so ago...
  11. DrMoab

    Discovery Stormchasers.

    Found this photo blog from one of the guys on one of the trucks featured in the show Storm Chasers on the Discovery channel. Pretty neat stuff.
  12. DrMoab

    I'm ditching Digital.

    Ok, not really but just for fun I'm throwing a battery in the meter of my dads old Asashi Pentax 6X7 and get a couple of rolls of B&W film and see what I can come up with. For those of you who still shoot film I have a couple of questions. First.... What is there for high quality B&W film in...
  13. DrMoab

    Is it me?....

    Or are these just flippin cool? They have them in Nikon flavors too.
  14. DrMoab

    Camera Trivia.

    Anybody want to take a guess at what these Nikons were used for? (if you are from Utah and you have been here...don't give it right away)
  15. DrMoab

    Lens Damage.

    Im sure some of you read my post about having my tripod fall over with my camera on it. It fell straight forward landing right on the the rocks. Even with the lens hood on it got tagged pretty good. You can see it on the top part of the lens. Anyway I've heard that the front glass is...
  16. DrMoab

    Perseids Meteor shower.

    Did anyone go out and watch or better yet take any photos? I had kind of a bad night. The meteors were not as great as I had hoped. I also had my camera set on a tripod and it got bumped and landed in the rocks right on the face of the lens. So now its got a nice chip in it. Then I go to take...
  17. DrMoab

    This old Canoe

    So back in the 50s sometime my grandfather hand built this old canoe. He was a carpenter who pretty much built most of what he owned...His house, his camper and obviously, this old canoe. For the last 30-40 years it has been stored in the rafters of my fathers garage. I have no idea what...
  18. DrMoab

    In search of the perfect can opener.

    So walking through Wal-Mart tonight my wife and I had a lively discussion on the benefit of a good can opener. She seems to get along fine with the .99 cent specials that, well...seem to need replacing after every trip. I showed her a can opener that cost the ungodly amount of $7.95 and she...
  19. DrMoab

    Cool low budget special effects video

    AT-AT How it was made.
  20. DrMoab

    What causes this?

    Every time I do a longer exposure at night I get a lot of light from the upper corners of my photos. Seems somewhere I heard that it can be caused from the sensor heating up. Is this true? Anything I can do to avoid it other than shortening the exposure, upping the ISO or opening the lens? This...