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  1. WininUtah

    Knife thread

    Not a knife but a fun, edged tool. Someone introduced me to the tomahawks made by Bobby Tyler. He has several varieties and they all sell for $125.00, a very nice price point. Bobby's main business is Color Case Hardening for companies like Henry. I haven't used the 'hawk but may play at...
  2. WininUtah

    Random dog shots

    I posted this on another forum and someone commented about the "snake" at her feet. It's her "hiking" stick, she has to have one for you to throw along the way! This is outside Hurricane, UT, in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.
  3. WininUtah

    Concealed Carry - What Have You Got?

    I was carrying a Sig P239 , 40, in a Ryan Grizzle OWB holster. Last week I picked up a Ruger LCP II, a true "pocket" gun. I got a Desantis "Nemesis" to carry it in, very comfortable. I dress very casual, so far this has been really comfortable to carry. I've always been a believer in stopping...
  4. WininUtah

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Christmas Day, Zion N.P., it was outstanding!!
  5. WininUtah

    Wildlife Photography

    Well, It's Thanksgiving and we should have a Turkey. This guy was visiting our yard all Spring, now we get is off shoots!
  6. WininUtah

    Abandoned/derelict sites

    I don't think this is abandoned, there is a collection box. I was lucky to have a nice Fall day to stop. This is the homestead were Robert Leroy Parker, aka Butch Cassidy, was raised. It's only a couple of hundred feet off RT 89 in Circleville, UT. No signs, no other indication of what it was...
  7. WininUtah

    New TeraFlex JK Alta Cargo Rack.

    This is in my future!!
  8. WininUtah

    AEV Procal question......

    I'm pretty sure the ESC can't be re calibrated with a Procal. I was having issues with my ESC light coming on, very often, finally it stayed on. We made sure the wheel was straight but the light stayed on. This morning my wife took it to the dealer, the light went off on her way, go figure...
  9. WininUtah

    Long road to nowhere.

    Notom/Bullfrog Rd, Capitol Reef N.P., Utah
  10. WininUtah

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    With my brother and a friend at the Drill Rib on the Cathedral Valley Loop, Capitol Reef N.P.
  11. WininUtah

    CB radio suggestions

    I have the Cobra 75 and it works well on trail rides. Here's how mine's done: Cobra 75 - mounted behind console, right side. wired direct to battery VersaMount2 for the mike 3' Firestick mounted on my Teraflex tire racks optional Hilift/Rotopax/Antenna mount
  12. WininUtah

    Random shots

    Pat, glad you guys are OK. I've been in floods, not quite that bad, though. The clean up is always the worst part, been through it more than once. Read your Blog, gave me goose bumps.
  13. WininUtah

    Preferred photo hosting site? Photobucket no longer cutting it....

    I've been with Fototime for years, costs $25.00/yr. It's really been flawless, easy to post from, easy to catalog my albums.
  14. WininUtah

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    Pine Park. Dixie N.F., Utah
  15. WininUtah

    Random Scenic Shots

    Pine Park in the Dixie N.F has been on my list for awhile. This area gets very limited visitation, kind of off the beaten track. That may change, I'm told it's being included in a new photography book on the Southwest.
  16. WininUtah

    TeraFlex Video: Your Way!!

    Good stuff, as usual. Got to meet Dennis at the Winter Jamboree in Hurricane, UT.
  17. WininUtah

    Abandoned/derelict sites

    Hamblin, UT was totally abandoned by 1900, all that remains is the cemetery. One of my friends family was a settler there, his nephew had the history marker done. Not too far off the hiway on dirt roads.
  18. WininUtah

    Random Scenic Shots

    Cedar Mtn, above the Kolob Reservoir, Virgin, UT
  19. WininUtah

    Post Pic's of your Jeep

    I wish I could have gotten my LJ in Orange, settled for Flame Red and loved it. This one has been replaced by a JKUR, also Flame Red.
  20. WininUtah

    Smartphone and Spotting Scope - Anyone trying this?

    I received my Phone Skope, not inexpensive but fits the phone and the scope perfectly. Being new to a smart phone I didn't realize there were blue tooth remote shutter releases available. I ordered one and it's really handy, even if not using the scope...