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  1. grimbo

    You can own a Defender 110 in the US Mind you it's a paper version but fun for the kids and the big kids
  2. grimbo

    Making ice cream while camping

    Anyone used the Play and Freeze Ice Cream ball either at home or more importantly while camping? Have done the ice, rocksalt in ziplock bags and cream, milk and flavoring in another bag inside. It sort of worked but I reckon the...
  3. grimbo

    Australian 4wd Monthly DVDs

    I have a whole bunch of these, maybe 40 or so covering all sorts of topics around the 4wd scene. Feature vehicles, trips, camper trailers etc. Open for offers money or cool stuff. Buyer pays for shipping, bear in mind I'm in Australia. They are in slimline DVD cases but can be packed in the...
  4. grimbo

    Pelican - Remote Area Lighting

    Anyone using this product? Have heard great things about this from my brother who saw it on action on a recent trip he did with one of the magazines down here. Price wise its on par with other Pelican products, but then quality can cost. Pelican Remote Area Lighting
  5. grimbo

    Piranha 30 Second Kitchen

    Great idea from a great Aussie company, price tag is a little hefty but nonetheless cool idea and going by their other products, will be a well built little number. 30-second-kitchen
  6. grimbo

    Hot water setups

    Been thinking about getting some sort of hot water setup for the trailer. Now here in Australia somewhat limited for choice. Don't want under bonnet as it will also get towed by a road car. The Primus and Coleman are available here and seem to be ok but a bit pricey and very bulky. Have been...
  7. grimbo

    Some low tech storage in my Patrol

    You know when you have no cash, need a temporary solution and then suddenly its three years later and you are still using it? well this is the case with these ideas. I have never been a fan of drawer systems as I need the back of my patrol to be able to carry a variety of stuff and with kids...
  8. grimbo

    My camping trailer fixup

    Well here's my camping trailer. It started life as a work trailer for a Telecom company. It housed a generator on one side and has storage racks on the other side. It is a nice sturdy little trailer with butterfly lids that do a great job of keeping the weather out. It currently rides on...
  9. grimbo

    Food Storage and lifespan in the trailer

    Ok a question to all the trailer gurus on here. How do you find storing food in the trailers especially over hot days. My wife is concerned about food quaility if it is stored in the trailer on trips. Currently all the food is stored in a tub in the back of the Patrol with the fridge. I feel...